The Murder of Ronald Greene

Ronald Greene killed by Louisiana State Police
Ronald Greene


Louisiana State Police

Louisiana law enforcement continues to be known for having some of the most corrupt law enforcement in the country. In May of 2019, according to the Louisiana State Police, officers attempted to pull over Ronald Greene for a traffic violation. Ronald Greene refused to pull over and led police on a chase resulting in him crashing into a tree and dying from injuries related to the crash. This is what was on their initial report.

Here’s what we know and, because they have decided to investigate themselves, what we don’t know. The state police will not say what traffic violation Ronald Greene was supposed to have committed. They will not release the body cam footage. There is no mention of use of force in the reports though they have now admitted that there was a “struggle” after the crash and they claim that Mr. Greene was resisting arrest. And we now know, thanks to the federal investigation pushed by the family, that they tased Mr. Greene three times and that the vehicle didn’t actually hit the tree.

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Family Struggles to Get Answers

The family of Ronald Greene has been struggling to get answers as to what happened. Their push, which included filing a federal wrongful death lawsuit, finally resulted in at least a few answers, though the investigation is still ongoing. The family was able to find out about the struggle and tasing. They found out that there was a witness, that Mr. Greene kept apologizing for running and begged them to stop assaulting him, and they were able to get some pictures that seriously undermined the police version of events.

Injuries to Ronald Greene sustained from his beating by Louisiana State Police
Injuries to Ronald Greene

The picture of Ronald Greene shows deep bruising on his face along with cuts on his head. Notice that the injuries are on the right side of his head and face. If Mr. Greene was in the driver’s seat and crashed, to receive head injuries he would have either gone forward into the windshield, causing the injuries to be on the front of his face, or he would have gone to the side into the driverside window, causing injuries to be on the left side of his head and face. The injuries pictured don’t make sense if they are supposed to have come from the crash.

Damages to Ronald Greene's car show a crash was not the likely cause of death.
Damages to Ronald Greene’s car

Now look at the picture of the car. There is no front-end damage, the windshield and driver’s side window are intact with no cracks or other damage being evident, and the air bag did not deploy. The side mirror is somewhat damage, but the main damage to the vehicle is to the driver side rear quarter panel. Just an observation, no one has claimed that this was done, but that would be the place a vehicle would get damage after being on the receiving end of a pit manuever. I would be interested to know if any of the police vehicles received damage due to this incident and if so, what their claim is as to how they got that damage. But regardless of how that damage came to be there, it does not indicate a life-threatening collision.

Pressure Mounts

The Louisiana State Police, under mounting pressure, began their own investigation. In a weak show of action, they placed one of the officers involved on leave. According to the, “Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth had been placed on paid leave Sept. 9 amid growing fallout.” 

Accident or Suicide?

According to an article by KSAT,

A Louisiana state trooper has died following a single-vehicle highway crash that happened just hours after he learned he would be fired for his role last year in the in-custody death of a Black man.

Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth was pronounced dead Tuesday following a brief hospitalization, Warren Lee, chief investigator for the Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Office, told The Associated Press.

Was the death of Hollingsworth karma or did he think about the consequences of being found guilty for his actions and ending up Louisiana’s penitentiary system, which is probably the worst and most violent one in our country. Definitely someplace a corrupt cop would not want to end up. We will probably never know. What we do know is that there are still five other Louisiana Troopers, who were involved in the murder of Ronald Greene, who have not faced any consequences whatsoever.


A recording of a conversation that Chris Hollingsworth had with an unknown individual has been released.

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