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Austin police officer, Christopher Taylor, arrested for murder after on the job shooting
Christopher Taylor

Austin Officer Arrested for Murder

(TX) – Officer Christopher Taylor, with the Austin Police Department, has been arrested for murder. Last April, Officer Taylor was one of the officers who responded to a call about people in a car with drugs and a gun. When the officers arrived at the apartment complex they found Michael Ramos sitting in a car with a woman. Officers ordered Ramos out of the car and told him to put his hands up. He did. They told him to pull up his shirt and turn completely around. He did. During the process Ramos was yelling back at the officers asking them “What’s going on?” and saying “I ain’t got no gun, dog!”

Officer Mitchell Pieper responded with, “I’m going to impact you!” It’s unknown why Officer Pieper threatened to shoot Ramos with the bean bag since Ramos was complying. Ramos responds, “Impact me? For what?” Officer Pieper then shoots Ramos with the impact shot. Ramos jerks then re-enters his car. He sits in the car for a few moments then begins to drive away from the officers. As the vehicle is moving away, Officer Taylor fires three times at the vehicle with his rifle, killing 42-year old Michael Ramos.

The officers were clearly not in fear for their lives and they didn’t have any proof that Ramos had committed a crime. After the shooting, it was discovered that Mr. Ramos did not have a weapon making Ramos yet another unarmed Black man killed by police. To make matters worse, Michael Ramos is the second person that Christopher Taylor has killed within a nine month period. Taylor wore a business suit to his booking by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and was immediately released on bond. He is on leave while his case goes to trial.

Florida Officer Arrested for Attempted Murder

Daytona Beach police officer, Shane Jackson, arrested for attempted murder after stabbing a man
Shane P. Jackson holding knife

(FL) – Shane P. Jackson, with the Daytona Beach Police Department, was arrested on Wednesday for attempted premeditated murder. While off-duty, Jackson was at a club where he was, without permission, dancing closely behind a 21-year old woman. The men in the group the woman was with, began arguing with Jackson. Everyone was asked to leave the establishment. Jackson followed the group, who were all in their mid to lower 20s, as they made their way to another bar. An altercation then broke out in front of the bar.

Jackson can clearly be seen in the video, holding a knife down by the side of his leg. According to Fox 35,

Police say during that confrontation, the defendant grabbed the victim and a struggle ensued, during which Jackson stabbed the victim in the stomach. He was placed under arrest when officers arrived on the scene, charged with aggravated battery.

Upon further review of the video surveillance, investigators determined that probable cause existed to charge Jackson with attempted premeditated murder, and the charges were upgraded.

When police arrested Jackson, they said he was drunk. Jackson has been arrested for attempted murder and fired from the police department.

Bexar County deputy, Eriq Solora, arrested for assault
Eriq Solora

Deputy Arrested for Assault

(TX) – Bexar County deputy Eriq Solora was arrested for Assault Bodily Injury on Thursday after attacking a family member.

Sheriff Salazar immediately began the termination process stating, “Domestic violence is inexcusable by anyone, especially by someone sworn to uphold the law. I have made my stance on employee misconduct quite clear, so my move to terminate this person should come as no surprise to anyone. If you can’t abide by the law, you have no place in this agency.” 

The judge set Solora’s bail bond at $3,500.


The Murder of Michael Ramos

Officer Stabs 24-Year Old Man

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