California Police Kill Man Asleep in Car

February 13th, California Police were called to a Taco Bell.  A man was had fallen asleep in his car in the drive-thru.  Police attempted to wake Willie McCoy, known as Willie Bo, but were unsuccessful.  Since the vehicle was in drive the police attempted to block the vehicle.  At that point McCoy began to wake up and supposedly moved his hand towards the gun.

Six police officers shot multiple times into the vehicle hitting McCoy 20 times.  According to police, the gun in the car was one that had been reported stolen in Oregon.  We don’t have the answers yet.  It may be that McCoy was reaching for his gun.  It may be that he had a stolen gun.  But how did all six officers see McCoy reaching for the gun unless they were all on top of the car which you can see from the NBC news video, they were not.

What we have problems with is the firefight that officers are resorting to.  This is by far not the first time.  In fact it’s becoming very common that officers don’t wait to see anything before they fire.  All it takes is one officer to feel he saw something, he shoots, the other officers hear him firing  and they all open up like a mindless horde.

That’s not what law enforcement is supposed to be about.  Officers are supposed to be trained to shoot when their life is in danger.  They’re not supposed to be roaming execution squads.  Someone needs to see this trend for what it is and start addressing the problem.

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