This department helps with a lot of the personal aspects of an inmate’s life.  They offer substance abuse classes that an inmate can apply for using a Human Service Request Form (Appendix F).  The public can call Human Services to get information regarding a death or hospitalization of a family member to an inmate.  The inmate can also contact Human Services to let them know of a death or hospitalization of a family member.  Human Services may be able to get the inmate a viewing at the funeral home or a hospital visit.

*UPDATE:  The Bexar County Jail no longer allows inmates to get married.

If an inmate would like to be married by proxy he would have to make the request through Human Services.  This is completely dependant on the judge that his case is assigned to.  If the judge denies the request there is nothing more that can be done.  Human Services will also provide notary services to inmates.

Human Services can be contacted at 210-335-6335.

86 thoughts on “HUMAN SERVICES

  1. Leslie

    Are proxy marriages still allowed? I have the form for him to sign, just don’t know where to go to get it done.

    • admin

      We double checked on whether inmates could marry by proxy and discovered that the Bexar County Jail no longer allows inmates to marry at all. Inmates can either wait until they get out of jail or are moved to a facility that allows marriages to inmates.

  2. Mary Ann Gonzales

    My son has slipped discs and pinched nerves (sciatica?), but he is not receiving the medication his doctor prescribed because they are considered narcotics. The ibuprophen he is receiving doesn’t help. How do we get him some medication that is stronger and not a norcotic? Do we try to get a prescription or medical records from his doctor? Who do we send it to or does the doctor need to send it. Do you need to contact the doctor yourself?

    • admin

      This is a private site, you are NOT contacting the jail through this site. Regarding your son’s medication, the medical staff will evaluate him to determine what he needs. Your son can tell the medical staff that he is still experiencing pain and needs his prescribed medication. Either the doctor or a physician’s assistant will have your son sign a release form and they will contact his doctor to determine if he is allowed to get the medication or not.

  3. janet

    Does bexar couny still not all inmates to marry? Because everyone is telling me they do but you guys say they don’t. Is there somewhere I can call to make sure and find out what I need to do? Thank you

    • admin

      Janet – We called the jail. The person we spoke to says they are not performing marriages. But there is a new sheriff. She may have changed the policy. We will try to get further verification on this.

      Update: We have verified that the jail is NOT allowing marriages at this time.

  4. Lee

    Talked with my girlfriend we both want to get married. She is currently in the annex and she told we can get married but someone has to be in her place is the true??

    • admin

      Lee – Yes. A proxy person stands in her place and answers for her. There are legalities regarding how this must be done. We recommend you contact an attorney.

  5. yaya

    My boyfriend recently got locked up. Hes married not to me. Can he get divorced to that other person while in their? If so what does he have to do?

    • admin

      Yaya – His attorneys have access to him. That would be who he would have to deal with regarding a divorce so yes, he can be working on a divorce while incarcerated.

  6. becky

    My boyfriend n I want to get married we already have the marriage license were supposed to do it before he went in but the person had a family emergency what can we do

  7. antonio

    I will like to get in contact with the religious services department and or current Chaplain I,m currently a chaplain for the County of Los Angeles California Tween Towers moving to San Antonio Thank you for the replay

    • admin

      Antonio – We’re not sure what you are attempting to do. If you just want to speak to the Chaplain you can call 210-335-6329 or 210-335-6179. If you are looking to become a Chaplain for the Bexar County Jail you will need to pass all the background checks. You should call the Sheriff’s administration offices at 210-335-6010.

    • admin

      Stephanie – The easiest route would be to go through his attorney. You can also mail the item to the inmate. Human Services supplies notary services to inmates.

  8. melinda

    My boyfriend is in the bexar county jail what exactly do I need so we can get married? And how much does it cost? Anyone? Any advice is appreciated.

      • Priscilla

        My cousin was lock up at the Bexar county Jail and his wife got marry to him in there. So now my husband is lock up and want us to get marry so who can I talk to about getting marry.

      • admin

        Priscilla – Yes, it has been done in the past but the sheriff is the one who decides if he will allow inmates to marry. He does not have to allow it. So far it seems that he has stayed with previous administrations’ decision and is not allowing marriages.

  9. michele

    Hello my sister is an inmate at bexar county. .she is also pregnant and is scheduled for a c section soon. I’ve called and they only thing they tell me is that she is fine..
    is there a number who i can call regarding this situation. .I’m currently living in Minnesota.
    Thank you

    • admin

      Michele – We’re not sure what information you’re trying to get. They are not going to give you much at all regarding medical information. You’re best bet would probably be to send her a letter giving her your phone number and setting up an account with ICSolutions to take the call.

  10. Wanda

    My brother has been in jail on parole violations for over three weeks. He called me and told me that the judge said top released him, my brother has no lawyer and is on the no visits list. I have not heard from him and there is still money on my inmate IC phone. My question, if my brothrt was told that he was being released three weeks aho, where is he? What is taking so long?

    • admin

      Wanda – You can call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They can at least tell you if he is there. You can also ask what court his case was out of and call that court to find out what his sentence was.

    • admin

      Le – You can mail it to him then he can mail it back. You can contact Humans Services (210-335-6335) to see if they will take it to him then bring it back to you or you can get his attorney to take it to him to sign.

    • admin

      L.D. – They do have a library for inmates but I doubt they accept donated books. Too many things can be done to books, pages soaked in drugs, razors hidden in bindings…

    • admin

      Consuelo – Sure you can. A marriage by proxy means he will sign the paper allowing someone else to take his place as if it was him getting married. It does not mean he can go to a wedding or that the wedding can be done at the jail.

  11. judy

    My daughter is incarcerated. She has mental health issues, drug addiction, and “female” problems, possibly cervical cancer. Will she be seen by medical to have these problems addressed? She has no money so does she have to pay for medical services? She tells me she has to pay each time she sees medical but I have the feeling she is trying to get me to send money. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to send money. She has not been there long. I am going to try to send icare packages now and then because I can’t trust her to spend commissary money on what she needs.

    • admin

      Judy – When individuals are incarcerated the facility holding them is required to provide basic necessities. That means she gets food, clothing, hygiene supplies and medical attention. She will not be refused medical attention. Medical screening is even part of the booking process.

  12. judy

    I know it takes a while for you to have time to answer these posts but I am trying anyway. My daughter is incarcerated and is known to her family for her manipulation skills. She uses these skills quite a bit to get what she wants. Just last evening she told me she was going to hang herself. She was angry because I did not buy all the icare packages she wanted and would not leave money on her books. Who do I call? Last night medical services was already closed for the day. Are my calls documented to them in case something happens to her and they do nothing? Or do I call the sheriff’s department? I hear of many people committing suicide in jail and I am worried sick! I also know she is extremely depressed. She has mental issues on top of her long time drug addiction.

    • admin

      Judy – Medical staff is on duty at the jail 24/7. Did you try the nurses’ station? Try calling 210-335-6260 or 6167. If you still can’t get anyone call Central Records at 210-335-6201 and ask them to transfer you to the shift commander’s office.

    • April

      Judy, u may not be checking these posts anymore but, I cried when I read your post. My daughter is also incarcerated. Everything you speak of is exactly my daughter. She is manipulative and uses the threat of suicide when all other means of manipulation fail. She is a 4 year heroin addict who is facing some serious time. She has mental health issues and is highly impulsive. She is still waiting court date, and she keeps begging me to post bond. No way! I would say she is a flight risk. I also know she’s scared… I will contact the nurses station. But Judy, just wanted u to know, you are not alone.

  13. Jason

    I want to do a proxy marriage in my county (Bexar) but can I still do it if my fiancé is incarcerated in another state? Not in TX.

  14. Shea

    If an inmate is being denied his meds after being transferred to min security unit tonight who do I contact. He asked for his meds and she said she was cutting the line off so he said he would file a greivence and she said o well. That’s no ok he needs his medication

    • admin

      Edward – The Bexar County jail is at the county level. TDCJ is state level. You will have to call them to get your information. Congratulations on your new baby.

  15. Haley

    I have a few dozen books I would like to donate to the prison library. Would you guys accept anything of that nature?

  16. Tina

    My fiance and i were supposed to be getting married, we were both told that we could speak to the chaplain for any information on marriages. Can you please shed some light on this for me.

    • admin

      Tina – The Sheriff’s Office does not have to allow marriages to incarcerated individuals to be performed. This administration is not allowing it. Your other option is to use a proxy. That is a legal process. You need to speak to a lawyer.

    • admin

      George – Yes. Human Services can help with getting them notarized.

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  17. Liz

    I have a question, me and my Bf want to get merry is there anyway we can get merry, by proxy or something, we really want to get merry together, we just had a baby,

    • admin

      Liz – Together? No. The jail is not allowing marriages. You can do a proxy marriage. That is where your boyfriend gives someone permission to stand in his place and say the vows for him at some place other than the jail. This is a legal function. You need to have the proper paperwork for it.

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  18. DEBBIE

    I have books I would like to donate. I contacted the sherrif’s office and was transferred until I finally hung up. Please advise — I have a lot of novels.

    • admin

      Debbie – You can try contacting the Human Services department at 210-335-6335. No guarantee they will accept the books. It’s too easy to hide items in a book.

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  19. Jennifer

    My husband is a inmate in bexar county jail his grandpa died 11-18-17 he a veteran and will be a funeral 12-4-17 would it be possible he be able to and where do I go to ask her was supposed to go to isf for 90 days but if he doesn’t go till his court date 12-14-17 he will get out because he been there since 10-23-17 is case is weird

    • admin

      Jennifer – The judge handling your husband’s case is the one who decides whether he can go or not. You need to speak to his attorney so the attorney can present the request to the court.

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    • admin

      Rachel – They do have the ability to allow it but they also have the ability to deny it. The jail is not allowing marriages at this time. They don’t have the manpower to spare. Your options are to wait until he gets out or marry him by proxy.

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    • admin

      Gaby – You might try calling Human Services at 210-335-6335 to see if they can make any recommendations.

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  20. Mason

    How do you marry a inmate by proxy? I heard the jail refuses to allow the inmate to notarize. what are the steps in which I marry by proxy?

    • admin

      Mason – We haven’t heard anything about the jail refusing to allow inmates to notarize paperwork. We don’t believe that is correct. Contact the Human Services department at the jail to get help.

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    • admin

      Lip – A proxy marriage is just a legal process. The inmate allows someone else to stand in his place. You would need to speak to an attorney to see what documentation you need then the inmate would need to sign the documentation. You can then have a wedding ceremony. Understand that this means someone else takes the place of the groom in the wedding ceremony.

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