Frequently Asked Questions about Video Visitation

Video Visitations website.  Video Visitations phone number:  210-335-8270.

All public visits are monitored and recorded.  Visitation is a privilege.  Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Reserves the right to cancel visits due to security reasons, inappropriate behavior and failure to follow the rules.  Visitation privileges may be suspended for a period of time based on the severity of the infraction.

Only persons with a scheduled visit or using the kiosks are allowed in the reception area.  Loitering inside or outside the building is prohibited.

How many visits can an inmate receive and how long are the visits?  Only two 20 minute visits per inmate per week.  The week starts on Sunday.  This includes out of town visitors.  The inmate must be assigned to a unit.

Can I visit more than one inmate on the same day?  Yes.

Can I visit the same inmate twice in a day?  No.

What do I need to do?  First, all visitors 17 years and older wanting to schedule a visit must register with ICSolutions and set up a profile.  Second, you must have a valid government photo ID that must be presented at the time of the visit.  Adults scheduling a visit must include adult or minor child(ren) they wish to bring at the time they schedule a visit.  All visitors 17 years and older must be registered at the ICSolutions website, and provide a valid government ID when checking in.

How do I register and schedule a visit:  Go to the Video Visitations website or to the Video Visitation Center

What if I do not have a computer?  Come down to the Video Visitation Center and VVC staff members will assist with registering visitors 17 years and older presenting a valid government ID and scheduling visits.  Feel free to use a Bexar County Bibliotech or City Library and schedule visits at that location.

What if I cannot keep the visit?  You must cancel 24 hours prior to the visit to ensure it does not count as a completed visit.

How do I cancel a visit?  Go to the Video Visitations website or to the Video Visitation Center.

What happens if I do not cancel my visit?  The inmate will be given an opportunity to cancel the visit.  Visitors who repeatedly fail to cancel or are no shows for visits may have visitation privileges suspended for a minimum of 30 days.

Do I need an email address?  No, but visitors with an email address will receive notices when their visit is cancelled due to the inmate being released, has been moved to another unit, is at court, attending classes or has their visits suspended.

What should I do the day of the visit?  Log onto your ICSolutions account to ensure your visit is still scheduled or check your email for cancelled notices.

Can I reschedule a cancelled visit?  Yes, as long as the inmate has not received two (2) visits or has two (2) visits scheduled for the week.

Do I have to be active on an inmate’s visitor list?  Do children need to be active on an inmate’s list?  No.  Anyone can schedule a visit but the inmate can refuse a visit.

What time do I need to arrive?  30 minutes before a scheduled visit.  You must present a valid government photo ID.

What happens if an inmate or visitor is late for a visit?  The inmate/visitor must remain at the monitor.  If there are 10 or more minutes left on the visit, the visit will be allowed with the remaining time.

What do I need to bring to the Video Visitation Center?  Only a valid government photo ID, and your wallet and car keys.  Keep all other items in your vehicle.  No backpacks, purses, diaper bags, electronic items, cell phones, etc.

What if I ride the bus?  Where can I leave my personal items?  Coin operated lockers will be available to store personal items.  $1.00.  Please bring exact change.  No change is available at the Video Visitation Center.

Is there a dress code?  Yes, conservative dress code will be enforced.  No tank tops, sleeveless blouses, shorts or skirts more than 3 inches above the knee, spandex, low cut blouses, see-through material, pajamas, etc.  Video Visitation Supervisor is the final authority in determining appropriate dress.  Full listing of Dress Code rules and Prohibited items can be located on when registering.

Is there parking available?  Yes, there is convenient parking at the Video Visitation Center.

Are food and drinks allowed in the VVC building?  No.

Are commissary kiosks available to make deposits at the Video Visitation Center?  Yes.

The information on this page was obtained from the information sheet put out by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

188 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions about Video Visitation

  1. Neal

    You guys are awesome! I’m a first time visitor and you have help prepare me for my visit without the disappointment.

    Thank you for looking out for us on the other side of the fence.

    Kudos to you!


  2. Val

    Ladies, it’s hot outside but you CANNOT wear even a sleeveless tank or Camisole under a cardigan. I left in tears the first time I went to visit my son. Always take a ghetto looking T shirt with sleeves if you have to in your car. I’d hate for you to drive downtown only to be turned away. God bless that poor lady at the metal detector who has to turn away moms and grandmas. No cigs or lighters in purse either.

      • Brenda

        I had a visit this wednesday .. and I tried to cancel but internet was down done to weather ..
        Now I can’t see my husband..
        I RIDE the bus to visits and unforntaley it was very ugly out that day .
        How can I get the banned lift..

      • admin

        Brenda – Contact video visitation at 210-335-8270.

        We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  3. Cindy

    What is anything above a class c..i think i may have warrants and want to visit a loved one I dont know what they check when you give them your id, do they check for warrants or ??? what i guess it is a gamble huh.

    • admin

      Cindy – There are different levels of charges. Class C Misdemeanors are the lowest level and are tickets. Yes, they will check for warrants.

      • admin

        Cynthia – That is always a possibility.

        We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

    • admin

      Julia – The inmate turns in a slip of paper that says to activate a person or deactivate a person. The changes are made on third shift so the update is ready for the next day.

    • admin

      Kellie – The official response we have been given is each adult counts as one visit. However, we have heard from readers who have said they allowed two people in but only counted it as one visit. I would try.

    • admin

      Elizabeth – We never tell anyone that they will not get arrested. It is always a possibility. At this time the odds may be pretty low but there is always a risk.

    • admin

      Laura – It depends on what you were charged with. If it was an assault or something in which he was the victim, then no. If it was unrelated to him in anyway then yes.

  4. Dede

    I was just wondering if I should take a small backpack in with me? I don’t know if it would even be allowed in but I would need something to carry snacks & some reading material while I wait. Also I read that cell phones are not allowed in the visitation area so where do they have you put them?

    • admin

      Dede – Whether you should is up to you. If you want to know if you can then yes. There are vending machines in the lobby also. As for the cell phone, no, they won’t hold it for you. Either leave it in the trunk of your car or don’t take it at all.

  5. mandy

    I know we can’t bring cell phones in to the jail, but is there a place they take them from us inside the jail or do we just have to leave them at home or in our cars?

  6. Vero

    the two visit limitation for the week, how does the week count, i went on Monday of this week, does that mean on Saturday he will have his other visit? his mom and i want to go visit but then that would be two for the day? how do they count these weekly visits,

  7. Jonathan

    My brother went to jail 2 days ago , and I want to visit him today , can I still do that ? Or what do I have to do ?

    • admin

      Jonathan – He needs to already be assigned to a living unit. You need to be on his visitation list and it must be one of his regular visitation days.

  8. Norma

    Soon, they won’t allow ANY purses at all. Just a small hand bag. Advised on 4/14/15. Don’t know when it takes effect.

  9. sabrina

    This was the worst experience ever I was told no purses and you cant have any skin showing and no diaper bags?…..I took my son home then changed came back and after waiting for 45 mins in the main jail was told I had to go to the annex and as soon and I walked in I was told I had to get another shirt by then it was already 1 so I left…

  10. Jennifer

    Are you allowed to visit if you have a felon history (from another state)? I know some prisons don’t allow it, but can’t find any information about it here. Thanks!

    • admin

      Jennifer – It’s a jail not a prison. You will be able to visit if you are on the visitation list, have the proper identification and follow the rules.

  11. Cassandra

    I’m going to visit my ex, and I was wondering since I’m not at home and I’m wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt is that appropriate, or I can’t wear the yoga pants. I need to know before 12 today so I can go home and change. Don’t want to be told right there that it’s not. So if anyone knows please let me know ASAP. Thank you so so much.

  12. Carey

    Wow, some of these questions. Hello, I am trying to locate a friend and am unsure of the correct spelling of her last name, but have everything else. What would I need to do?

    • admin

      Carey – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. You will need her name and date of birth. Even with a wrong spelling they can probably find it. Central Records is a 24/7 office for inmate information.

  13. Ashley

    How do I know if my traffic citations have turned into warrants? Is there anywhere I can call or check online? They are from the Justice of the peace.

    • admin

      Nalleyly – The officers would have to make a determination if it is acceptable. As long as it has a picture we think you should be fine but then again we are not the officers at the Front Desk.

  14. Stephanie

    If I have my phone off or leave it at the desk when I visit is that ok? I take the bus so I can’t leave it in a vehicle

    • admin

      Stephanie – Unfortunately no. They don’t allow you to take it in at all no matter if it’s off or on and they won’t take responsibility for it while you visit.

  15. Desiree

    HI, I need to do a walk through at the court house down town for an MTR. I have the bond set up.. but I’m still paying off old tickets.

    Will they hold me on the 11 year old tickets with a Collections – they do have a warrant.

  16. Angela

    Are children allowed to be in the waiting area with another adult while they are visiting an inmate? The child will not be visiting the inmate. I want to visit on a Monday.

  17. Camille

    Hello I am going to Tucker Max for a visit in two weeks just found out my fiance has warrents for traffic violations on unpaid tickets will he be arrested at the visit when we go they are out of Oklahoma?

    • admin

      Camille – We never guarantee that someone will not be arrested but we find it hard to believe that Oklahoma would pay to extradite him for traffic tickets.

  18. Sandra

    I want to know if I can visit my husband if I have a warrant? Will I be arrested? It’s a traffic warrant? Or how can I find out if it’s still active?

  19. Jesus

    Why doesn’t bexar county make it easier for people to visit from home on their own computer. The technology is available and they are still able to monitor the scheduled visits someone doesn’t follow the rules just cut the visit with simple touch of a button !

    • admin

      Jesus – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have to deal with the jail system. Like most governmental agencies, they are limited by money. Everyone complains about paying taxes but it takes tax money to put in new technology. Not only that but most people don’t have a lot of sympathy for people in jail. The hardship that family and friends of people in jail face is the main reason we decided to make this website. We try to help where we can.

    • admin

      Elisa – Yes.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  20. Erica

    when I registered for the video visit I accidently put the wrong name (same last name wrong first name) how do I delete that name from my “relationships” I have already added the correct name to my list.

    • admin

      Erica – You should contact Video Visitation at 210-335-8270. They should be able to help you.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

    • admin

      Jillian – Yes as long as there isn’t any kind of protective order between you and the person you are visiting.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  21. Edna

    Where or how can I find out if another individual (like an ex-gf) has been putting $ on my bf’s books and visiting him? I’m sure it’s an inmates right to privacy issue.

    • admin

      Edna – They are not going to tell you.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

    • admin

      Samantha – Call them at 210-335-8270.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

    • admin

      Ricardo – Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Normally they ask for government issued picture identification but if you have your mugshot from them that means they also have fingerprints on you and can verify who you are. We don’t know the answer to your question but we think you should try if you don’t have anything else you can use.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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