Filing a Complaint with TCJS

Jails in Texas are subject to the rules set by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.  We’ve gotten complaints from family members of inmates having to sleep on the floor at the Bexar County jail.  That is a violation but most people don’t know where to file a complaint.  Below are just some of the rules established by the TCJS, taken directly from their website, so you have an idea of what the inmate is supposed to be receiving.  You can click on the TCJS link in this paragraph for more information.  If you want to file a complaint click here for the complaint form.   

Standard facility clothing shall be issued to all inmates held over 48 hours. Additional appropriate clothing shall be issued to inmates participating in outside activities during inclement weather.
A change of clothing shall be furnished at least once a week unless work, climatic conditions, illness, or other factors necessitate more frequent exchange to assure cleanliness.
All inmate personal clothing shall be cleaned, or sprayed with a disinfectant and stored.
Inmates held over 48 hours who are unable to supply themselves with personal care items, because of indigency, shall be furnished the following:
(1) toothbrush;
(2) toothpaste or toothpowder;
(3) soap;
(4) comb;
(5) shaving implements.
Toilet paper shall be available at all times.
Each inmate shall be given the opportunity to shower at least every other day or more often if possible. Inmates on work assignments and those making court appearances shall be given an opportunity to shower daily. Inmates should be required to shower at least every other day. Whenever clearly justified for health or sanitary reasons, the sheriff/operator may require a shower.
Whenever clearly justified for health or sanitary reasons, the sheriff/operator may require a haircut. Haircuts by reasonably skilled persons shall be available on a voluntary basis to all inmates, sentenced and unsentenced.
A standard issue of bedding and linens to each inmate to be placed in housing shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following clean, safe, and serviceable items:
(1) one mattress;
(2) one sheet or mattress cover;
(3) one towel;
(4) one blanket, or more depending upon climatic conditions. Inmates detained in holding and/or detoxification cells may be provided with the above items.

Washable items such as sheets, towels, and mattress covers shall be exchanged for clean replacements at least once each week, or more often if necessary. Blankets shall be laundered or dry cleaned at least every three months or more often if necessary.

Mattresses shall be swept, aired, sprayed with a nontoxic disinfectant and stored off the ground prior to reissue.

Food shall be served three times in any 24-hour period. No more than 14 hours shall pass between meals without supplemental food being served.

Except in emergency situations, meals shall be served in accordance with a written menu approved and reviewed annually for compliance with nationally recognized allowances for basic nutrition including nutritional requirements of known pregnant inmates. This approval and review shall be documented and should be performed by a licensed or provisional licensed dietitian.


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