The Bexar County Jail has changed inmate calling providers.  The new company is ICSolutions.  Cost per call is different depending on the jail.  They do not say what the cost is for Bexar County but they do say ICSolutions will tell you the cost during the set-up process or you can call them at their customer service department, 888-506-8407.  That department is open 24/7, a nice change from the previous provider.

ICSolutions will accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, debit card, Western Union, money order and cashier’s check.  They also offer various ways to contact them:

Customer Service: 1-888-506-8407 available 24/7

Email: customer@ICSolutions.com

Website: www.ICSolutions.com

Mailing Address:

Customer Service
2200 Danbury Street
San Antonio, TX 78217

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  1. GET

    Calls made to the 210 area code are a flat $4.00. Their customer service department is a lot nicer and you will speak with someone and not have to wait forever like the previous provider.

  2. cindy

    need account balance on existing account… what is my credit… hello is there anybody out there… need balance on my credit

    • admin

      Cindy – This website is a private site. It is not part of the Bexar County Jail. It is also not manned on a 24/7 basis. I’m not sure what you are asking for. Is it your commissary account you want information on? If so, only inmates can get their own account information. I doubt you are an inmate. Was it an account you had when you were in? Or is it some other type of account? I won’t know what to recommend to you until I know what you are actually talking about.

    • Felicia

      It saids I’ve reached my maximum minutes for my account on the phone when does it restart ? A week later or is it a month . I wanna know when can I put money back on the phone but thru master card

      • admin

        Felicia – You need to contact ICSolutions for that information. They are a private vendor.

        We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  3. Alice

    okay my issue is i put money for my boyfriend to call when he was first in the magistrate then they moved him to the main jail so i had to go online to the bexar county website and put money on his comissionar-aramark but when he called me the call still didnt go through…plz help

    • admin

      Alice – I’m not sure who handles the phone system at the magistrate. That area has both County and City personnel. City side does have some cells and may have a different phone system. What I can say is that once your boyfriend got to the jail he was definitely under County jurisdiction at that point. The problem now is that you put money in commissary but commissary does not handle the phone system. You would need to go to ICSolutions for a phone account. Go to the category on this website titled “Inmate Phone Calls”. Once there click on the link for ICSolutions. It will give you instructions on what to do.

  4. Eve

    Just wanted to say that going to ICSolutions website is a really easy way to set up an account if you want to receive calls from an inmate. There aren’t many steps and it’s really simple as long as the instructions are followed. It only took minutes to set up and the account was ready for calls within minutes as well, although it is stated the process could take up to 24 hours. Almost as soon as I was done I received a call from my daughter’s father. Again as long as you follow the instructions it’s simple. http://www.icsolutions.com

  5. crystal

    how do i use pre paid with criket i called they said they do not take call from bexar country i have a ic account but they charge me 7.00 to put money into the account then 4.00 for each call which way chaper please help

    • admin

      Crystal – If you are trying to bypass ICSolutions to save money the system is just not set up to do that. You will need to use ICSolutions.

    • admin

      Sharon – ICSolutions is a private company. You will have to contact them to see if there are any networks they will not use. Go to the category Inmate Phone Calls. Once there click on the ICSolutions link. It will give you contact information.

  6. janet

    If I put money on my phone account how will my boyfriend know that theres money in the account for him to call if he already used the complimentary call. Does someone tell him?

    • admin

      Janet – The phone system is run by a private company, not the jail. You will have to tell your boyfriend he can use it when you see him or in a letter.

  7. Vanessa

    So my boyfriend told me I could buy a prepaid phone card to use so he can call me from jail… Is this true? Or do I have to set up an account with I solutions?? I don’t have a credit card or anythin just cash so which should I do and where can I buy a prepaid phone card? Just at any grocery or convenient store? Thanks.

  8. Joe

    I registered my home phone and cell phone with IC Soulutions. They charged one time fees and its a flat rate of $4.00 each call. They tell you that you can talk as long as you want but there is a time limit when my best friend calls for the jail. It’s about 20 minutes. I live in Florida so I think the flat rate applies to everyone. I put $50.00 on my pre-paid master card so he can call me around 12 times before I have to reload my account with them. You can do it at any time with any phone number but they told me you have to call from the phone that you are putting money on for them to call you. They also told me if they are released you can get a refund for monies not used. I hope this helps anybody else out.

    • admin

      Joe – Thank you for the information. We will take any help we can get to help others deal with their difficult situations. You are correct, ICSolutions will let you speak as long as you want; however, the Bexar County jail limits the length of the calls so other inmates get a chance to make their calls also.

  9. Ariel

    If i put money in the account today will he be able to call me today? also will someone tell him that he has money in his account for a call or will he not know at all?

    • admin

      Ariel – You will have to read that ICSolutions guidelines on their website for that information. They are a private company that contracts with the jail to handle inmate phone calls.

  10. Rosie

    My brother called me but didn’t go through and it gave me the info to make an account and put money. So I went to the website and made it. Will my brother b informed that he is now able to call or do I just wait and hope for him to call again?

  11. Lori

    Since we are “out of town” visitors how can an inmate who has been there less than 5 day be told funds are available? IC solutions said they had no way of notifying inmate.

    • admin

      Lori – ICSolutions is only the company that is used to process the money into the commissary fund. The Banking department at the jail manages the fund. They inform the inmate when money has been added to their account.

  12. deelea

    ice solutions dies not accept check by phone, m. i already tried. s helpful gentleman at ice suggested i purchase a visa. or MC from Walmart, load the money on there and then use the card to fund phone calls. i think that is a good solution to my problem. i have no credit cards. just an FYI.

  13. jennifer

    I was a able to set up an account wth IC solutions with no problem. But now I hve a question no one can answer.. I don’t have a landline now but thought it would be less $if I set one up.(not having to pay the $6.95 everytime i load $ in account) Now my question is if I do get landline will my son be able to call me collect or do I have to use Ic solutions?

  14. J

    I’m trying to get in touch with an old friend.. I’m pretty sure he’s in jail… Would I be able to call this number and they’d tell me if he was or wasn’t?

    • admin

      J – If you have a name and date of birth or a sid number Central Records will be able to tell you if the person is in the Bexar County jail. Their number is 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 office.

  15. Ant

    Hi, I’ve spent like over $900 with ICSolutions sent my bf went to jail on December, then I started calling trying to get my calls refunded since they dropped. Now all of a auden there saying I went over my months limit.. i’m confused now it’s saying I have to use western union now. PAIN!!! I want to know why all of a sudden I have a limit exceeded msg now..
    In the month of January I know I spent over 500$..

    • admin

      Ant – Have you spoken to them in person? Or are you just referring to the messages? If you haven’t spoken to someone in person we suggest you contact them at 1-888-506-8407. If you already have spoken to them and they still are not helping you, you should call the Sheriff’s office at 210-335-6010 to complain. I’m sure their first response will be to tell you to contact ICSolutions but ICSolutions is a private company that contracts with the Sheriff’s Office. If they are not giving good service the Sheriff’s Office needs to be informed of the problem.

  16. Alexis

    Anyone know the number to press to accept calls?? i cant understand the person telling me. Also i dont have a credit card can i still set up a account to get calls from an inmate??

  17. sarah

    my husband is in Bexar county can he call collect to my land line? Do i have to go thought this company to get a call from husband? Thank you Sarah..

  18. Ashley

    My husband told me that there was a limit for how much money you can put on the phone. so i called and checked. they said you can.only at $275 each month and the monthes go from the 1st til the last day of the month like the 30th or 31st. but i forgot to ask about the numbers or cards. is it $275 a month per card or $275 per phone number? Or is it $275 on the account? I have an account but i have two phone numbers on the accounnt and i just wanted to make sure i had it right.

    • admin

      Ashley – ICSolutions is a private company. You need to call them back to get the additional information. They are not part of the jail.

  19. Kathy

    Hello. I cannot seem to get through on the phone line with the number provided. Message continues to say my call cannot be transferred, but to call this number and is cut off after a long silence. Please help.

    • admin

      Kathy – ICSolutions is a private company that contracts with the jail. If you are having a problem we recommend that you complain to the Sheriff’s Office at 210-335-6010.

  20. ck

    I put money on card and I’m getting calls from jail but nothing is going through. I can’t hear them on the other end

  21. Roxanne

    I’m pressing 5 to accept the incoming calls and the ic solution system is by passing it. I’ve also tried saying five to accept the call and it’s not working. Help I want speak to my friend. What the problem why can’t we speak #help

  22. maria

    Ok so the internet says it solutions accepts payments visa master card American xpressed debit card CHECK-BY-PHONE western union money orders and cashier checks …well I called 2 set up an account 2 receive calls n was told they do not accept CHECK BY PHONE MY problem is y say u accept the check by phone e payment on da Internet then hve me waste my tym lookin 4 my check book placed on hold for 15mins. Then told u do or accept check by phone …u might want 2 update any changes the company has made for future people like myslf trying to set up an account to tlk to a lived one incarcerated

    • admin

      Maria – Thank you for the information. It does not seem ICSolutions gives very good service. A lot of people are complaining about them. We suggest you contact the Sheriff’s Office to complain. The number is 210-335-6010.

  23. frances

    How long are the calls supposed to be? I received a call that I had prepaid for. It was cut off just at 5 minutes. They are investigating. But said it’s up to the facility. Thanks

    • admin

      Frances – 15 minutes unless but various things can interfere. If a freeze is called or it’s time to rack in the call will be ended. Also, have you checked the balance on your account to make sure you still have money in it? That could be another possibility.

  24. nicholas

    I was an inmate making calls from the bexar county jail a few months ago the service isn’t all that great some times it works sometimes it doesn’t home phones work the best cell phones sometimes create a problem the call will be dropped it wont wont let you except the call you cant hear the other person and it excepted ur call ur stuck out a call money waisted it happened to me plenty of times but even though I went through all that it felt good to hear may familys voice god it felt good but if the call don’t go through or they didn’t answer or except my mind went places I was up set they are messing around something anything… but I didn’t think it wasn’t my family it was the stupid phone im glad to be living my life right with my family now let ur loved ones know you love they that’s all

    • admin

      Nicholas – Glad you’re out. We recommend everyone who has problems with the phone and iCare companies complain to the Sheriff’s Office. Maybe if they get enough complaints they’ll find someone better to handle their contracts or at least make those companies give better service.

  25. Anita

    Is there a way for me to purchase minutes for an inmate to make a call?
    If so, how are they madw awate and “given” the minutes?
    Thank You.

  26. desiree

    I have heard about inmate calling cards is that a such thing because i would talk to my brother for 15 mins and end up in a good conversation and he or i say call me bk now lol..and after 4 calls i put more money on the phone my call history amount is 2000 out of pocket..no kidding 6 months adds up..is there some way that i can buy some kind of calling card..one inmate told him about it but they act like they know nothing about it now

    • admin

      Desiree – The jail used to use calling cards but now they use ICSolutions which allows you to set up an account and put money into it.

  27. toy girl

    So when i set up my phone account …they can only call that person who set it up is what’s happening with me.my friend can’t call anyone else.

    • admin

      Toy – We believe you are right. We were informed that the inmate can call anyone but that doesn’t seem to be the case and it doesn’t make sense. We apologize that we didn’t put more thought into it to realize that we had been given wrong information. You are setting so he can call you. Whoever else wants to receive calls from him would have to set up their own account.

    • admin

      Susan – We’re not sure what you’re asking but we figure it’s either to stop the calls or to find out why they are not going through. Either way you need to contact ICSolutions.

  28. Charlene

    My phone was accepting  free calls from a inmate facility. now all the sudden my phone blocked the calls i need to figure how to unblock it.  if anyone has any answers please feel free to contact me.

  29. wendie

    3/18/2015: The ICsolutions weblink does not work. It comes up with “Directory 404 file not found”

    Is IC Solutions still the provider for Bexar County calls?

    If I deposit IC funds will it still be considered a collect call?

    • admin

      Wendie – Thank you for bringing that to our attention. It has been corrected. Yes, ICSolutions is still the provider for the Bexar County jail.

  30. amber

    My friend just got transfered to tdc and I put money on still has 20 dollars is there a way I can transfer the money to where he’s at or get a refund

  31. Danni

    Can my boyfriend call my phone if his mom was the one who set up an account or do I have to make my own icsoultions account so he can call me?

  32. Bianca

    Just wanted to give a heads up so that you can change some info on this. I purchased a prepaid card and since I saw that they took American Express I went ahead and purchased that prepaid card. I come to find out that IC Solutions DOES NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS 🙁 so although it wasn’t much money that I placed on the card and can still use it for other purposes….I just feel that you should update that information so someone else doesn’t have the same dilemma as I have now in finding other means of getting money to talk to my significant other

    • admin

      Bianca – Thank you so much for pointing this out to us. We checked the ICSolutions website and have now removed American Express and check-by-phone since those options no longer appear. We are very grateful for any corrections we receive.

  33. nita

    What phone # is displayed on my called ID when receiving a paid call from an inmate using the ic solutions account?

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