Leon Valley Has Decided to Join Bexar County’s Ignorant Politician Competition

Leon Valley Police Chief
Leon Valley Police Chief Joe Salvaggio

I guess it wasn’t enough to have Sheriff Salazar destroying the reputation and credibility of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.  And it wasn’t enough to have Constable Michelle Barrientes-Vela violating the law and making a spectacle of herself to the embarrassment of her constituents and all of Bexar County.  No, Leon Valley also felt the need to throw their hat into the ignorant politician competition that seems to be going on lately.

According to a KSAT 12 article, the Leon Valley Police Chief, Joe Salvaggio, felt the need to reach out to other agencies because of violations he felt were occurring in the Leon Valley City Council.  An open records request was made to obtain emails between the city board and the City Council members regarding the investigation of a former councilman.  Only one person responded to the request.  This in itself, is a problem.

There seems to be an internal battle going on that possibly resulted in quorum of members discussing a situation before the meeting had started which is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.  If this occurred, then it too is a violation.  When an email was mistakenly sent to the city secretary she warned them they could be in violation of the act.  She said it could be viewed as an attempt to circumvent the act, basically, a conspiracy.

Rather than prove their innocence, the members have chosen not to respond.  Chief Salvaggio has reached out to the Texas Rangers and Bexar County District Attorney, Joe Gonzales, to determine if any laws have been broken.  You can read the article and view the KSAT video here.

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