Why Texas Froze and People Died

Matthew Cooke - Writer and storyteller
Matthew Cooke

Unprecedented Disaster in Texas

Texas just went through a disastrous cold snap that took out power, water and left people to freeze and die in their homes. And it didn’t have to happen. We had a similar problem, though on a much smaller scale, back in 2011. We knew then that our grid was not sufficiently winterized, yet when a bill was presented to the Texas Congress to fix the problem, the bill was voted down.

Texas Pride in Low Gas Prices

Texas has bragged for a long time about how low our gas prices are, but we’ve never said a word about what it takes to get those low gas prices. We don’t talk about how we subsidize the oil and gas industries. We brag about deregulation, but don’t say a word about the consequences. Below is a video by Matthew Cooke, that explains what happened. The video is closer to 6 minutes long, but Twitter only allows 2-minute videos. He explains a lot in the first 2-minute clip, but if you want to see the rest, go to his Twitter account. It’s worth it.


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