Why Don’t Black People Trust our Justice System?

We’ve posted several examples of bias against black people by police officers but the issues don’t stop there.  The judicial side of the legal system is just as bad.

New YorkShane P. McClusky, a 26 year old white male who worked as a school bus driver, admitted to raping a 14 year old girl he met on the school bus.  McClusky was sentenced to 10 years probation.  Absolutely no jail time was given to this pedophile.  He also will not be listed on the sex offender data base.

California:  Brock Turner, a 19 year old white male, Stanford student and swim team athlete, was sentenced to 6 months in jail on various rape charges for digitally penetrating an unconscious woman.  Turner was caught in the act by two Swedish Stanford students who came to the rescue of the unconscious woman.  Turner only had to serve 3 months of his sentence but at least does have to register as a sex offender for life.  Turner’s father said his son should not have to go to prison for “20 minutes of action”.  Guess we know where Brock gets his entitled attitude from.

Kansas:  Albert Wilson, a 20 year old black male, at the time of the incident, who was going to the University of Kansas, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping a 17 year old white girl.  He will also be on life-time probation and registration as a sex offender.  The two individuals were at a 21 and over bar when they met.  They left the bar and went to Wilson’s residence where they kissed and made out.  A rape test was done with no evidence of seminal fluid or DNA of any kind was found.  There was evidence of Wilson’s saliva on her chest.

Security video obtained show the female leaving the bar with Wilson, holding his hand.  Times from various different sources appear to show that the couple were at Wilson’s residence for only about 5 minutes.  It seems strange, with the advances in DNA collection and identification, that no DNA was found in the rape exam.  They were even able to find saliva on the girl’s chest but nothing in her vaginal area?  The time frames are also concerning.  At least they are for me but apparently none of this was concerning to the all white jury that convicted Albert Wilson.

So we have a white man who admits to rape who gets not prison time and will not be in the sex offenders database.  We have another white man who was caught in the act of raping a woman who only had to serve three months in jail.  Then we have a black man who has never changed his claim that he is innocent and in which there are some very questionable aspects of his case, yet he gets 12 years in jail.

Black people know the deck is stacked against them.  They know that they are automatically seen as violent criminals by white people, regardless of whether they have a criminal record or not.  Trial verdicts prove them right.

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