Why are Firefighter & Police PACs Supporting Brockhouse?

For anyone who doesn’t know, no one won in the mayor’s race.  No candidate got the 50% + 1.  What I find disturbing is that in this time of the Me Too movement, in this time of women’s right to make decisions regarding their own bodies being taken away from them, in this time of women being forced into a desperate fight to keep from being treated as if they need keepers, both the Firefighter’s Pac and the Police (SAPOA) Pac are supporting a man who has had to have police called to his house twice for domestic violence.  See the MySanAntonio.com article.

No charges were filed against Brockhouse and those calls were over a 13 year period but they were also by different wives, wives number two and three.  If it was just one person complaining that Brockhouse had assaulted her, and there were not witnesses, then I could see why people felt they should give him the benefit of the doubt.  But that’s not the case.  Two separate wives, one of which is his current wife, have felt the need to call 911 on him for their own protection.

Now everyone should know by now that the lack of charges filed doesn’t in any way indicate that something didn’t happen.  We are all well aware that assaults on women are blown off more often than they are investigated.  It’s extremely common that women aren’t believed and told that nothing can be done.

So why would the PACs that represent the Firefighters and Police Officers be willing to tie themselves to a man whose moral character is in serious question?  What does it say to the women of Bexar County, and to the men who care about women, that these two organizations are willing to ignore Brockhouse’s history?  They must be anticipating some serious gain if he becomes mayor.

So here we have another conservative, Greg Brockhouse, and we have supporters who don’t care what he’s done as long as they can profit from getting him elected.  This is so much like the Trump administration and the Republicans who back him that it’s sickening.  Bexar County is better than that.

Vote for Ron Nirenberg on Saturday, March 8th.

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