Was Frohn’s Firing a Guilt by Association Decision?

photo of fired deputy, Noah Frohn
Ex-deputy, Noah Frohn

Jail in Crisis

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, under Sheriff Javier Salazar, has had an extremely difficult time filling the vacancies in the Detention Center. The shortage of manpower has caused the Sheriff to have to go to Commissioners Court several times to ask for more money to pay for the overtime. In other words, they need every qualified person they can get.

Why was Deputy Noah Frohn Fired?

The Sheriff’s Office seems to have gotten a good candidate in Noah Frohn. According to Frohn, he, “Followed all the policies, all the rules, regulations.” That can’t be far from the truth since he was given a certificate for Officer of the Month in June of 2019. Considering the amount of detention officers that are at the jail, that’s a pretty impressive award, especially for a probationary officer. But two weeks after receiving his award he was terminated.

KSAT tried to find out why Frohn was fired and received the following response,

“Mr. Frohn failed to live up to the standards expected of a probationary deputy. I wish him luck in his future endeavors.” – Sheriff Javier Salazar

Frohn’s termination paperwork lists him as being honorably discharged but that doesn’t explain why someone who was just given an award for the excellent job he was doing was suddenly fired and it doesn’t change the fact that Noah Frohn, who thought he was on a career path at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, is now without a job.

Guilt by Association?

The only problem that it seems Noah Frohn had, was the misfortune of being assigned under Cpl. Armando Trevino who was arrested for making a drug deal while in uniform. The drug deal was not made at the jail nor did the FBI file any charges against Noah Frohn. No one has shown Frohn to have been involved in any way and Mr. Frohn claims he had no knowledge of the criminal activities that Cpl. Trevino was involved in.

Frohn says he had a conversation with a chief deputy. According to Frohn, “He just told me it’s because I was associated with Corporal Trevino.” Mr. Frohn does not name the chief deputy who made that statement.

Poor Decision-Making Skills

If anyone has any doubts left as to why the Sheriff’s Office is in the mess that it is, this is a perfect example. The people in charge have extremely poor decision-making skills. While the Sheriff is absolutely right that he can fire an employee at will when that employee is on probation, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a valid reason.

We’ve mentioned before that his decisions are knee-jerk. Sheriff Salazar appears to be frantically cleaning house of anyone who, in his mind, may make him look bad. He has no concern for the officers or for morale. He doesn’t care how short-handed the jail is or how hard all the overtime is on the officers. He is thinking only of himself, not the needs of the Sheriff’s Office, and his desperate actions show it.

To read the KSAT 12 article and watch the interview with Noah Frohn, click here.

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