Video Shows Police Officers Engaging in Child Abuse


Montgomery County Police officers threaten and abuse 5-year old child
5-year old Abused by Police

Police Officers Threaten and Emotionally Abuse 5-year old

(MD) – A video has just been released, over a year after the incident occurred, of two officers with the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), screaming at and terrorizing a five year old child. The incident started when the child allegedly broke a computer at school then walked off the school campus. No information has been given as to why teachers were so lax in their supervision. The school officials called the police for help in finding the child.

The bullying and abuse of the child, by the police officers, began almost immediately. The male officer begins by asking the child if he thinks he’s old enough to make decisions. It quickly goes down hill from there. The police officers allow their anger to show in their voice, they terrorize the child by repeatedly saying he is going to get a beating, one officer says she would put him in a crate, the female officers screams in the child’s face from inches away, and, naturally, one of the officers decides to put handcuffs on the 5-year old.

This Police Brutality is Actually Child Abuse

According to, there are many different forms of child abuse. One of those is emotional abuse. Per their website, emotional abuse includes things like berating, mocking, terrorizing, screaming, yelling… and much more. The video is loaded with actions by the officers that would qualify as child abuse. Child Help goes on to give some examples of the abusers’ personality. “Poor anger management or emotional self-regulation,” definitely applied to these two officers. They definitely had anger management issues along with their inability to emotionally self-regulate.

The police officers engaged in police brutality due to the cruelty of their actions, but it was also child abuse by definition. It’s doubtful they would have been quite this bad if they had been dealing with an adult. Why did they feel it was okay to treat a child this way?

Abuse of Power by Police

This is another example of why police should not be handling certain situations. Police officers enforce our laws. That is their area of expertise. When officers try to handle mental health issues or issues with juveniles, they frequently abuse their power and resort to force or other unacceptable actions. Wearing a uniform does not make child maltreatment acceptable.

Officers are Still on the Police Force

Law enforcement agencies seem to be hiding videos with the hope that situations will go away. In this case, the mother of the 5-year old has filed a lawsuit against the police department and the school district. It’s not going away. Over a year later, the officers are still on the police force and, as far as we can tell, no action was taken against them. At least one city counsel member is calling for the officers to be fired.

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