Top Police Officers Suspended After Whistleblower Sends Encrypted Email Detailing Corruption

Deputy Chief Ronald Papier & Commander Nerly Papier, with the Miami Police Department, have been suspended in a possible DUI cover-up
Ronald & Nerly Papier


Deputy Chief and Commander Under Investigation for Possible DUI Cover Up

(FL) – Deputy Chief Ronald Papier and Commander Nerly Papier, were suspended after allegations were made by an anonymous source. The power couple are members of the Miami Police Department. At 9:00 am on April 2, Commander Nerly Papier was involved in a crash in her police vehicle. Employees are required to report crashes to their supervisors immediately, but this crash wasn’t reported until 1:45 pm. The whistleblower alleges that Nerly called her husband and he began the cover up. Chief Papier contacted Captain Ortiz falsely telling him that a vehicle had been vandalized and asked for it to be towed for repairs.

“The report states that Nerly Papier was not tested for alcohol or drug use, saying none was suspected.” According to the crash report, Nerly Papier stated she swerved to avoid hitting another car, yet the crash report doesn’t list a second vehicle. It doesn’t even give generic information like the style and color. The drawing on the crash report does not show where the second vehicle was situated. Those are things that would be listed on a crash report even if you didn’t have all the information.

Claims from Whistleblower’s Encrypted Email

The anonymous source sent the encrypted email to newly appointed police chief, Art Acevado, the Miami mayor, and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. The whistleblower claims Nerly Papier was “under the influence of control substances.” The email goes on to state that Nerly Papier hit the curb “at approximately 40 miles an hour.”

Per the encrypted email also states,

“Any reasonable person would have knowledge that after striking a curb at a high speed, with two blown tires and cracked rims, the vehicle would be unsafe to drive. You would definitely feel the instability in the steering wheel as well as loud sounds coming from the rims grinding against the public road as well as loud sound and vibrations from the blown out tires.”

The crash report gives the impression that the damaged vehicle was towed from the crash site, but the whistleblower states “that the vehicle was towed to the motor pool after Nerly Paper drove it to police headquarters.”

Investigation of Possible DUI Cover Up Underway

Police Chief Acevado has suspended both Papiers, but is not confirming that the suspensions were due to this incident. He has also ordered internal affairs investigators to report directly to him. Multiple people, who may have been involved in the alleged DUI cover up, are being investigated for possible police misconduct.

Ironically, Deputy Chief Ronald Papier had applied for the position of police chief when the previous chief retired. Chief Papier even acted as the interim police chief during the applicant vetting process. The Miami City Council knew what they were doing when they decided to go outside of the agency to hire their new police chief.

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