Texas Police Kill Black Good Samaritan

Jonathan Price killed by Wolfe City (Texas) police
Jonathan Price

Wolfe City Officer Kills Black man

(TX) An officer with the Wolfe City Police Department, which is in East Texas, has been placed on leave after killing a Black man who had stepped in to stop an assault arising from a domestic violence incident. For those who don’t know, East Texas is probably the most racist part of Texas. Did that play a part in the shooting? We don’t know yet. Very little information has been released but what we do know is that Jonathan Price, a city employee, who was well-known and loved in the community, was at a gas station on Saturday night, when an assault occurred.

So far there have been two versions; the first being that the altercation started in the store, then began again outside of the store and the second that it was outside of the store. There is even differences as to whether there was a fight outside of the store or if the officers just thought they were fighting. Whatever the situation was, one of the officers fired a taser at Mr. Price which was then followed by several gun shots.

Good Samaritan Killed

It is unknown why the officer chose to resort to deadly force. According to the New York Post,

“Motivational speaker, trainer, professional athlete and community advocate— he was dearly loved by so many,” Merritt wrote on Facebook.

“He noticed a man assaulting a woman and he intervened,” Merritt continued. “When police arrived, I’m told, he raised his hands and attempted to explain what was going on.”

The attorney claimed: “Police fired tasers at him and when his body convulsed from the electrical current, they ‘perceived a threat’ and shot him to death.”

Mr. Merritt is a civil rights attorney who has reached out to the Price family. He does not have first-hand knowledge of the events that happened and it is unknown who gave him the information that Jonathan Price had his hands up, though from what everyone is saying, that is more likely than Mr. Price being any kind of a threat.

Texas Rangers to Investigate

The officer who killed Jonathan Price has been placed on administrative leave. No other information on the officer has been released by the Wolfe City Police Department. The case has been turned over to the Texas Rangers for investigation. But no matter what is done, or how professionally it’s handled, another Black man, who should be alive, is dead at the hands of police.

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