Student Choked, Thrown to Ground for Stealing Candy Bar

On December 18th, in Newton County Georgia, 14 year old Asah Glenn joined other students in raiding a candy machine that was open.  Glenn took a Snickers bar.  Resource officers at the school over-reacted to the incident which seems to be fairly common when the individual being detained is black.  Glenn was first choked then he was thrown to the ground.

The video says that the deputy was reassigned pending an investigation but from the video it appears that there were two people involved.  It doesn’t look like the deputy who threw him to the ground is the same person who choked him.  The clip below is only one of the interviews.  In another interview, done by WSBTV, Asah Glenn admits he was wrong and apologizes for stealing the 85 cent candy bar.  Click here to view the WSBTV interview.

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