State Troopers Almost Kill Child, Don’t Bother to Check

photo Kentucky State Police emblem
Kentucky Troopers Accidentally Discharge Rifle

Troopers Discharge Rifle Into Apartment Below

Two brand new Kentucky State Troopers are under investigation for an incident that happened on November 18. Troopers Landon Terry and Dustin Gross are only three weeks out of the academy and are currently in the field training phase of the Kentucky State Police training.

Implausible Story

According to the two Troopers, they thought the rifle was empty and someone pulled the trigger. The gun was not empty and the bullet went into the apartment below. How can they not know who pulled the trigger? Were they both holding the rifle? Were they playing around wrestling over it? If nothing like this was happening then only one person had their hands on the rifle which means they would know who pulled the trigger. Their story stinks.

Total Lack of Decency

After accidentally discharging the rifle into their floor, neither Trooper made any attempt to see if the people in the apartment below them were alright. As it turns out, the apartment was occupied. A grandmother, her son and his three children were in the apartment. The bullet exited their ceiling and came within a couple of feet of 11-year old Kay’leah Todd, the oldest of the three children. Mr. Todd called 911 saying that someone had fired into their apartment.

Unbelievable Callousness

A deputy with the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office arrived. After checking to make sure everyone was okay and finding out what had happened, the deputy went to the apartment above the Todds’. Troopers Terry and Gross gave their story and admitted they had not reported the incident to their supervisor. When the deputy recommended they do so to get ahead of the situation, the two Troopers said they were getting ready to go out. The deputy was obviously so uncomfortable with their lack of concern that he felt the need to write in his report that he did not think they intended to inform their supervisor. Fortunately, the deputy was professional enough to contact the on-duty supervisor with the Kentucky State Police to inform them of the incident.

Unfit to Serve

The Kentucky State Police have taken over the investigation; however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these two men would be a liability for their agency. Every law enforcement agency believes in protect and serve, yet these two men couldn’t even be bothered to see if they had accidentally hurt someone.

What if the grandmother had been home alone and they had shot her? Would they have left her bleeding to death on the floor while they went out partying? From their actions, we have to assume that yes, they would have. That, in itself, is a huge problem but they have also shown that they have no intention of reporting their bad actions. The Kentucky State Police would do well to boot these two before they have a chance to abuse the authority of their positions, because they will.

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