Sheriff’s Officer Arrested After Excessive Force Used in Arrest

Police Chase Turns to Police Violence

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Patch
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

(FL) – Officer Matthew Alimurung, with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, was one of several officers who were involved in a car chase. According to the information released, “the suspect had rammed into a police car.” Once the officers caught the suspect, they were attempting to extract him from the vehicle when Officer alimurung resorted to police brutality. According to,

While officers were taking the suspect into custody and attempting to remove him from the vehicle, “Alimurung used his taser as an impact weapon to the suspect’s head and face region,” Ivey stated. Body camera footage also showed Alimurung appearing to “spit on the individual,” Ivey said.

The unidentified individual, now a victim, was confirmed to have received injuries from the beating he received at the hands of Officer Alimurung.

Red Flags Ignored

Alimurung was only with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for five years. During that fairly short period of time he was already showing signs of being a problem. According to,

Alimurung has previous JSO Internal Affairs complaints for unnecessary force. He was cleared in all of them. Internal Affairs sustained a complaint of unbecoming conduct against him in 2017, and he was ordered to take de-escalation training.

I would like to say that being cleared means he didnt use excessive force, but we all know that law enforcement agencies give a huge amount of leeway and benefit of the doubt to officers. In fact, it could almost be classified as turning a blind eye. Alimurung, along with five other officers, was also involved in police shooting that left the suspect dead, back in 2019. While the shooting was deemed justified, it’s just one more incident of violence that this man always seems to be a part of.

Officer Charged with Aggravated Battery

32-year old Matthew Alimurung has been charged with Aggravated Battery, which is a second degree felony, and Public Servant Falsify Official Document. The falsifying documents charge came up when Alimurung tried to cover up his beating of the victim and intentional wrote a use of force report that did not describe the incident how it really happened. Officials were able to determine that Alimurung lied in the use of force report when they reviewed the body cam footage. They also had the testimony of the other officers on the scene.

Alimurung was arrested on Friday. His bail bond was set at $15,006. He has since resigned from the Sheriff’s Office.

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