Sheriff’s Office Sends Wrong Man to TDC

You almost can’t be surprised anymore at the degree of incompetence coming out of the Sheriff’s Office.  On January 17, the jail sent Johnny Villalobos to the Garza West unit which is one of the Texas Department of Correction prisons.  The only problem is Villalobos was supposed to be sent to a drug counseling program, NOT a state prison.

I guess Sheriff Salazar has run out of excuses since none was given in the KSAT 12 article.  That’s for the best.  At this point what can he say other than he was not qualified to get the position he serves in and that the citizens of Bexar County would be safer and better off if he stepped down and let Commissioners Court appoint an interim sheriff.

Don’t think Sheriff Javier Salazar is going to do that.  All he cares about is being in front of a camera and being able to brag about being the sheriff.  What’s that old joke about the most dangerous place to be is between (fill in the blank) and a camera?

I don’t think Salazar ever realized that real work was actually involved.  And he sure never gave serious consideration to whether he was able to do the work.  Does he even have enough sense to realize his days are numbered?  Salazar is bleeding profusely and the sharks are circling.  He’s not going to make it out of the primaries.  If he were a decent person he would step down for the good of Bexar County but I his arrogance isn’t going to let him do it.

How much damage will he do before we can vote him out?  How many good, experienced people will the Sheriff’s Office lose because they can’t deal with the extreme ineptitude of Salazar and his cronies?  Salazar needs to go.

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