SAPD Stalls in Arresting Retired Police Detective

Retired SAPD detective, John Schiller, arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
John Schiller


Retired Officer Arrested for Aggravated Assault

(TX) – A retired San Antonio Police Department detective, John Schiller, is finding out what it’s like on the other side of the law after he threatened a man with his gun. On September 27, John Schiller’s ex-wife left her phone and I.D. on the roof of her car then drove off. The victim found the phone and I.D. and said he was going to return it after he finished the errand, a trip to Home Depo, he was in the process of running. Mrs. Schiller and her daughter used the GPS to track the phone and went looking for him in her car.

Mrs. Schiller called the police dispatch to tell them they were tracking down the person who had her phone and was specifically told by the dispatcher to STOP tracking him. She ignored the instructions from the dispatcher. After a couple of verbal altercations between Mrs. Schiller and the victim, the victim threw the cell phone at her feet and drove off to Home Depot.

John Schiller Points Gun at Victim

This is where things get strange. The Schillers are divorced. Why did John Schiller show up so quickly at the Home Depot? Why did he even know about this incident at all? Did the ex-wife or the daughter call him to sic this obvious bully on someone they were pissed off at? Whatever the reason, none of the articles have said, John Schiller showed up at the Home Depot, pulled a gun, and began to threaten the victim. According to the victim, Schiller called out, “police,” when he showed up but the victim hadn’t had a chance to begin recording at that point so there is no video of it. There is video of Schiller saying, “put your hands up”. Since it’s obvious he’s falling back on his police training, I can easily believe that he did identify himself as a police officer even though he retired in March of 2019.

Schiller not only threatens the victim with a gun but also physically assaults him. In today’s KSAT article on this incident there is a video in which you can hear the victim being beaten. I was unable to capture the video for this post but scroll down about 2/3s through the article to the video that has the phone’s camera pointing toward the sky and shows a car tire.

Officers Let Schiller Walk Away

The San Antonio Police Officers who arrived at this scene found the victim with a bloody lip and, no doubt, were able to view the video. If you listen to that video I couldn’t capture, you can easily hear the victim being beaten. Remember, he does not have the cell phone at this time. He has already given it back to Mrs. Schiller. With all that evidence, all the officers did was confiscate Schiller’s gun and allow him to go home. The obvious preferential treatment by SAPD has got to stop. This is one of the reasons why faith in law enforcement is at an all time low. They do everything they can to keep officers, including ex-officers, from facing any consequences for their actions. I seriously doubt they would have done anything at all if the victim had not posted the video so that people could find out what happened, thus forcing them to have to act.

John Schiller Arrested

As it was, it took almost a month before they finally did anything. The 55-year old ex-detective was arrested and booked into the Bexar County Jail on October 23. But don’t for one minute think they went and arrested him. He was informed of the warrant and was allowed to come turn himself in. None of that embarassing handcuff stuff and ride in the back of a police car for an ex-officer. The charge on the warrant was Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and it had a $25,000 bond. Schiller immediately bonded out. No court date has been set yet.

Below is a more sanitized version of what happened. It cuts off the part where the victim is being beaten.

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