SAPD Officers Punches Pregnant Woman

San Antonio Police Officer, Elizabeth Montoya, was placed on indefinite suspension because of two different incidents.  In the most recent incident Officer Montoya was verbally abusive towards a homeless man, cursing him out and threatening to taze him while she ordered him to pick up his trash.  This happened back in August of 2018.

But that was her second documented incident of aggression towards the public, that we know of.  Officer Montoya was already under investigation for an incident that happened in July of 2018.  Officer Montoya responded to a disturbance call in which she got into an argument with Kimberly Esparza.  Esparza was six months pregnant.

According to Officer Montoya, Ms. Esparza kicked her twice.  As a response Officer Montoya punched Esparza in the right breast then repeatedly in the head while Esparza was sitting in the patrol car.  According to the information released by SAPD, Montoya delivered seven blows to Esparza’s head.  Then Officer Montoya grabbed Ms. Esparza by the hair and dragged her back out of the car forcing her to sit on the ground in the rain.

Officer Montoya’s attorney is fighting her dismissal.

Click here to read the KSAT 12 article.

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