SAPD Officer Suspended for Homophobic Slur

In January of this year, San Antonio Police Officer Jason D. Owen was issued a 27-day suspension for the use of a homophobic slur against a citizen of San Antonio.  Officer Owen’s unprofessional behavior occurred while Owen’s was breaking up a crowd in a parking lot.  Not only did he use a slur directed at an individual but he also used vulgarity.  We’re not such prudes to think that should never happen but according to the article, he was cussing and calling names as he walked up to the group.

It is unacceptable to treat citizens this way but it is also problematic because it immediately puts people in a combative mode.  Things can easily escalate from there.  The next thing you know, an individual is shot dead and the police are saying it was a justified shooting as it was in self-defense when the reality is the officer started the situation by being unnecessarily aggressive and combative.  Glad to see SAPD addressing this kind of behavior.


We had pretty much wiped out measles as a disease but then conspiracy theory people and websites started pushing the untrue belief that the MMR vaccination causes Autism.  IT DOES NOT!  The U.S. is now in a measles outbreak that has moved into multiple states.  People don’t think measles is a serious illness because we had done such a good job of prevention but measles can kill people.  A study was done that examined over 650,000 children in Denmark over a 10 year period.  This study, like the others before it, showed there was NO LINK between the MMR vaccination and Autism.  Get your children vaccinated!  It can save their life.

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