SAPD Officer Hides Misconduct of Other Officer

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Officer Mishandles Call, Gets a Slap on the Wrist

A San Antonio Police officer received a 6-day suspension for trying to keep another officer from getting in trouble. Officer Grady Coleman, who has had multiple other disciplinary actions against him, mishandled a domestic violence call that involved another San Antonio Police officer.

Assault in a Strip Club

On May 16, Detective Gerard Morales supposedly committed domestic violence while at a strip club. Officer Coleman responded to the call. A security guard informed Officer Coleman that Det. Morales had assaulted a woman. The KSAT article doesn’t say what the relationship is between the two but due to it being listed as domestic violence, it stands to reason that there was some kind of relationship.

Cover-up Begins

From the beginning Officer Coleman attempted to cover-up the incident to protect a fellow officer. He didn’t inform a supervisor about an officer involved incident, which is a requirement. According to the article, he didn’t bother collecting any evidence and when a female back-up officer arrived he motioned her away saying to Morales, “Hold on, I don’t know if that officer knows you or not.”

Officer Coleman was clearly trying to keep the female officer away to protect Det. Morales. Officer Coleman also turned off his body camera before the incident was completely over. And the very worst part of it all. Officer Coleman told the woman that Morales had just assaulted, to take Morales home.

Officers Face Minimal Consequences

Officer Coleman did face disciplinary action for his mishandling of the call but think about it. He had a woman who was just assaulted, take the man who assaulted her, home. What if Det. Morales had blamed the whole situation on the woman and once they got home, beat her up severely or even killed her? For all the things that Officer Coleman did wrong, up to endangering the life of the woman involved, all he got was a 6-day suspension.

And what about Det. Morales? He wasn’t arrested or criminally charged for the incident. Were there any witnesses? Did the security guard see anything? What kind of interaction did Morales have with the security guard? Was he belligerent? Was he intoxicated? Did the San Antonio Police Department even investigate the incident?

Does anyone believe your average, everyday citizen would have been given this much of a break? It’s hard to have faith in law enforcement when the cover-ups and piddly little penalties, when caught, are so obvious.

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