Radical Right Threatens Police Officers with Hate & Violence

photo of Aaron Swenson
Aaron Swenson

Climate of Hate

Our nation is under attack. Russian hackers have flooded social media encouraging anger against the government, anger between political parties and anger against minorities. Russia’s main goal is to show that democracy doesn’t work and unfortunately, we have a lot of people who are helping them to achieve that goal. These attacks have real world consequences.

One of those consequences is the violence that is being directed at our law enforcement officers because they are a part of government. We mentioned, in a previous article, about a new movement called the Boogaloo Bois. We had never heard of them before but when I came cross this SPLCenter.org article, I felt it needed to write about it even though it is an older incident.

Texarkana Man Hunts for Lone Officers to Kill

Texarkana (TX) – On April 11, Aaron Swenson was driving around, live streaming on Facebook, saying that he was hunting for red and blue lights”. Someone tipped the police off that a person using the name Aaron Derpingston, was threatening to ambush police officers. After viewing the live stream the officers were able to identify the type of vehicle he was driving and the area he was in. They found him but their attempt to stop him turned into a high-speed chase that Aaron continued to live stream. Police were forced to use a spike strip to disable the truck and after a 20-minute stand-off, he surrendered to police. Aaron was confirmed to be Aaron Swenson, not Derpingston. When taken into custody he was, “wearing a ballistic vest with a handgun holster, rifle, and pistol magazines on the chest.” (See SPLC article, link above).

According to the TXToday.com article, Aaron Swenson was “charged with Terrorist Threats Against an Officer, Evading Detention with a Vehicle, and Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon.”

Blue Lives Matter Except When They Don’t

There are two reasons, in this case, why I wrote about this story. The first is to keep up awareness of this new threat to law enforcement but the second is to let people know that it’s not just the radical right or fringe elements that are threatening police officers. Police had a lot of support from the public when they were targeting and arresting minorities. The majority, which is mostly white, would say those people got what they deserved. They should have followed the law. They should have listened to the police.

But now you have groups of people used to their white privilege who are angry that they are expected to do their part in helping to protect others. There are bunches of people who are whining about their freedom being violated because they are expected to wear a mask. These childish individuals don’t seem to understand that freedom comes with responsibilities. And they sure don’t support officers when those officers are expecting them to obey laws and government rules. Now This put together a montage of about five videos showing white privilege and how much those people respect officers when they are the ones the officers are focused on. This anger and hate is going to eventually result in an officer losing his or her life. But all that matters to these idiots is being able to eat at the Waffle House, getting their nails done, getting a tattoo or some other stupid thing that they think represents freedom.

One last thing, please imagine how these situations would have been handled if the people defying the officers were black or brown.

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