Pulaski County Deputies Beaten by Suspect

Deputies beaten by suspect
Pulaski County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office

You just can’t help but notice the difference in the way white individuals are handled by the police.  The video below of an incident that happened on December 21st shows only a portion of what happened.  Jerry York, 51, called 911 multiple times but was not speaking coherently.  Deputies arrived, determined there was not a problem and left.  York began calling 911 again then left in a vehicle.  When the two deputies pulled him over they got into an altercation with York.

York was able to take the baton away from one of the deputies and then used it to beat both deputies.  He then stole their police vehicle.  When other deputies attempted to stop him he rammed their police vehicles.  I just can’t help but think what the outcome would have been if the individual had been black or brown.  We keep seeing extreme behavior being met with standard escalation practices when the suspect is white but when the suspect is black, not resisting and with no weapon, maximum force is used.  There is just no way to deny the difference when it’s right in front of our face.

Click here to see the Fox 16 article and news video.

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