The Political Spin Begins

The Sheriff’s Office seems to be doing some major spin.  It’s obvious that the political season for Sheriff Salazar is coming up.  For example, on Sunday, March 4th, an inmate who was supposed to be booked into the County Jail slipped into a line of people who were being released and walked out with them.

William Castillo was arrested again but before that happened the Sheriff’s Office kept saying he was mistakenly released and that it was an erroneous release.  But then they charged him with escape.  Salazar knows this was an escape but he doesn’t want it written up that way in the media.  He wants everyone to think it was just a mistake.  A minor error.  That sounds better than the jail having another person escape.  Remember, he had seven inmates escape in 2018.

But think about that.  A person just walks over, gets in line with people who are being walked out and gets out of the jail just that easily.  What the hell is happening under Sheriff Salazar?  The incompetence occurring under his administration is a danger to the community. has an article on the five errors that have already occurred this year.  You can read the article by clicking here.  My favorite part is where they say that, ” Salazar personally tracked McCoy down and brought him into custody”.  Are they serious?  Salazar is the Sheriff.  They don’t do the tracking down and arresting of individuals.  If the Sheriff really did go arrest Terrick McCoy I’m willing to bet it was all a set-up for the media.

If there is one thing Sheriff Javier Salazar likes it’s being in front of TV cameras.


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