Police Sergeant Arrested for DWI

Sgt. Glenn Michalec
Sgt. Glenn Michalec

San Antonio Police Sergeant Arrested

A sergeant with the San Antonio Police Department was arrested on Sunday for driving while under the influence. Sgt. Glenn Michalec, a 29-year veteran with the San Antonio Police Department has been placed on administrative leave after being arrested on Blanco Road for the driving while intoxicated offense. The block number listed in the article indicates the arrest was within San Antonio city limits, meaning the arresting agency would have been the sergeant’s own agency, the San Antonio Police Department.

Unsurprisingly, the police department is suppressing information to protect thier own. No information has been released on what brought Glenn Michalec to the patrol officer’s attention. Was he driving erratically? Was he speeding? They also didn’t give any information on the sergeant’s blood alcohol content level for his DWI arrest.

Deputy Fired After Crash

Deputy Simona Barron
Simona Barron

On September 23, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office fired Deputy Simona Barron after she crashed her personal vehicle while off-duty. Deputy Barron rolled her vehicle and was given a field sobriety test by the arresting agency, the San Antonio Police Department, “but it’s unclear what the results were.”

Simona Barron was not arrested and no charges have been filed. However, Sheriff Salazar has used her probationary status to fire her for this incident. This seems a strange move to make if there is no proof that she was in any way intoxicated. Could she have been exhausted from all the overtime deputies are having to work lately? Something feels off with this one.

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