Police Officer Arrested for First Degree Murder

Memphis police officer, Patric Ferguson, arrested for first degree murder
Patric Ferguson

Officer Arrested for Kidnapping and Murder

(TN) – Memphis Police Department officer, Patric Ferguson, was arrested January 10, on multiple charges, the most serious being First-Degree Murder. While on duty, Officer Ferguson forced Robert Howard into his police vehicle and drove him to another location, where he shot Mr. Howard, killing him. Officer Ferguson then called a friend to help him get rid of Howard’s body.

30-year old Robert Howard was reported missing by his girlfriend the day after the murder, when she was unable to get a response to her calls. “She was able to track his cell phone to the side of a road near Lamar Avenue and Shelby Drive, according to an affidavit obtained by CNN.” Howard’s girlfriend did go to the location in an attempt to find him, but all she found was Howard’s cell phone. The motive for the murder is either not known yet, or is being withheld for some reason. None of the articles on this murder have given any information on why Patric Ferguson killed Robert Howard other than to say they knew each other.

Mountains of Evidence

Patric Ferguson pled innocent in court, which is really strange because According to Commercial Appeal,

“The arrest affidavit says Ferguson gave up his Miranda rights to remain silent and told investigators that he went to the victim’s home, encountered him outside, and forced him into the back of the vehicle.”

He gave up his Miranda rights. You would think an officer would know better. Maybe Ferguson has decided to accuse the investigators of coercing his statement and is retracting it. If he is, he’s still facing an uphill battle with his innocent claim. Per the CNN article,

“Investigators found internet searches for cleaning up crime scenes and destroying DNA evidence on Ferguson’s phone as well as evidence that he purchased cinder blocks, chains and other items that were later found to “hide evidence,” the affidavit said.

Surveillance video obtained by police also showed “the shooting of the victim while Ferguson was on duty,” according to the affidavit.”

The police already have this much evidence against Ferguson after only a few days. But that’s not all they have. They also have his accomplice.

Accessory Crime Charges Filed Against Accomplice

Patric Ferguson obviously didn’t get much out of his research in his attempt to commit the perfect crime. Ferguson ended up calling a friend to help dispose of the body. That friend, Joshua Rogers, has been arrested for “accessory after the fact, abuse of a corpse and tampering with or fabricating evidence.” You can bet his attorney is going to tell him Ferguson is going to jail no matter what, save himself and turn on Ferguson. Rogers would be a fool not to take that advice. Rogers was given a $25,000 bail bond. If he’s able to get out, his family members will also be putting pressure on him to turn on Ferguson. We’ll see what happens.

Charges Filed Against Police Officer

29-year old Patric Ferguson was arrested and immediately relieved of duty. CNN lists his charges as “first-degree murder, especially aggravated kidnapping, abuse of a corpse and fabricating and tampering with evidence.” He was not given a bail bond and remains in jail.

Patric Ferguson was hired by the Memphis Police Department in October of 2018 and has thrown his life away before he hit 30-years old.

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