Police Mistakenly Beat Another Police Officer

Officers beat undercover officer
Photo from St. Louis PD Facebook page

In September 2017, Officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the shooting death of a black man.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department monitored and controlled the protests.  Three officers sent text messages to each other prior to the protests indicating their intentions of beating up protesters.

Once the protests broke out the officers proceeded with their plans.  Officers Dustin Boones, Randy Hays and Christopher Myers took an individual into custody.  The individual complied with all requests and didn’t offer any resistance.  Regardless, the three officers beat the individual.  It turns out the person they beat was an undercover officer who was working the protests.

The three officers have been indicted by a federal grand jury.  A fourth officer, Bailey Colletta, attempted to help the three officers to cover up the crime.  Colletta has been indicted for conspiring to cover up the crime.

Click here to go to the NPR article for more information.

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