Police Commander Sexually Assaults Female Officers, Arrested

Police Commander Sexually Assaults Officers
Police Chief Inspector Carl Holmes

Perfect Environment for Predators

One of the biggest problems with any type of law enforcement agency (you can include the military in this also) is that they teach the attitude that they have to stick together no matter what because the average citizen hates them.  There is a major us against theme underlying everything they do which makes it extremely difficult for anyone inside their group to complain about another member.  This is especially true for women, since those organizations tend to be mostly male.

Sickening Abuse and Betrayal

Police Chief Inspector Carl Holmes, of the Philadelphia Police Department, took advantage of that mentality, along with the power of his position, to cover his sexual assaults of female officers.  Commander Holmes would portray himself as a helpful mentor to the women, someone they could trust, then he would abuse that trust.  In one instance, a female officer went to speak to Commander Holmes to ask what to do about another officer who was being sexually harassed and stalked by her supervisor.

Commander Holmes told the woman that officer was a friend of his and that it would be a fight if she went to EEOC.  Toward the end of the meeting Holmes grabbed her, lifted her onto the desk and began kissing her and fondling her breasts then he vaginally penetrated her with his fingers.  Pleading to be released, the officer said she wouldn’t tell anyone.  Holmes said no one would believe a bitch like her anyway and that he could, “could make her disappear.”

According to the CNN article, Weeks after filing a complaint against the supervisor, the officer was was arrested after “abandoned drugs were found and seized from her trash can while it was on the street, outside her home,” the document said. She was investigated by internal affairs for nearly three years for associating with drug dealers — an allegation later deemed unfounded.

Serial Sexual Predator

She was not the only one who was abused.  Two other women have come out with similar allegations.  The attacks occurred between 2004 – 2007.  It’s highly doubtful that these three were the only women that were assaulted but because of an environment that punishes officers who come forward about other officers, especially women, the others are probably too afraid of the repercussions to speak up.

Carl Homes was arrested on Thursday, October 24 on multiple charges of sexual assault.  He was given an $850,000 bond.  Needless to say, with the pay he gets he was able to post bond 10% of the bond, $85,000, and was immediately released from jail.

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