Police Chief Spews Hate on Social Media, Forced to Resign

Former Marshall, Ark., police chief Lang Holland, forced to resign after spewing hate and death threats on social media
Police Chief Lang Holland photo from People.com

Police Chief Forced to Resign After Threats of Violence

(AR) – The police chief of the Marshall Police Department, Lang Holland, has submitted his resignation after he was caught using social media to call for the death of people he perceived as political enemies. This is yet another example of an officer showing who he really is on social media. What is surprising is that they normally use a fake name thinking they will stay anonymous, but Chief Holland used his real name. He probably had a false sense of security when nothing happened to him after he publicly came out against “Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s coronavirus mask mandate,” and refused to enforce it.

Hate, Racism and Death Threats

The main post, that flat out calls for people to be killed, said, “Death to Marxist Democrats. Take no prisoners leave no survivors.” Naturally, the call for people to be killed is his most serious infraction, but it’s far from the only one. According to the ABC News article,

KATV reported that in now-deleted posts Holland had encouraged people to burn and smash Democrats’ homes and run them out of the country. According to KATV, Holland also made posts calling transgender people “mentally defective” and “perverted freaks.”

Internet Brave, Real Life Coward

As frequently happens, the chief was internet brave, but once called out, he insisted that was not his account. He created a new account and tried to act like the original account was a fake. No one was fooled. According to People.com,

But after he was confronted Saturday by Marshall Mayor Kevin Elliot, Holland apologized and resigned “effective immediately,” Elliot wrote in a letter.

Isn’t this the way it always appears to go? These hate-filled bigots rant in the most vile way on the internet, but when caught, they lie and claim to be victims. Not a one of them has backbone enough to admit to their beliefs. If Holland really didn’t write those comments then why would a talk with the mayor make him apologize and resign immediately? You can pretty much bet the mayor either had to have threatened him by saying he would have the state agency investigate or he already had proof that it was Holland and let Holand know what he had. Whatever happened, Holland knew he was caught.

Police Brutality and Police Violence

Minorites have complained for a long time that they have suffered from police brutality and police violence. Law enforcement continues to insist that they are just being villainized and that the accusations are false. But you can see from examples like Lang Holland, and James Kobel, that it absolutely is a problem and it’s coming from the top down.

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