Police Chief Arrested – Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child

Police Chief Tony Yocham arrested for sexual abuse of a child
Tony Yocham

Hamilton Police Chief Arrested

A Central Texas police chief was arrested on Saturday for the crime of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child. Anthony (Tony) Yocham was the police chief of the Hamilton Police Department. The City of Hamilton is located north of Austin and even though it is the county seat for the County of Hamilton, its population as of 2018 was just 3,016 residents. Understand, we are talking about rural Texas here.

Minimal Information Being Released

Very little information is being released about the sexual assault of a child that led to the arrest of Hamilton Police Chief, Tony Yocham. We know that the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office did the investigation, then turned their findings over to the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers must have felt that the investigation had uncovered enough evidence to provide probable cause for the arrest. But we don’t know how the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office found out about the crime. We don’t know the age of the child or the time frame in which the child was being abused. We don’t even know the sex of the child or the relationship Chief Tony Yocham had to that child.

Tony Yocham was booked into the Johnson County jail with a $500,000 bond. This is a little confusing. We’re not sure why he was booked into the Johnson County jail instead of the Somervell County jail. Did the Texas Rangers find him in Johnson County? Or did they not want to book him into the Somervell County jail since Yocham had just lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for sheriff in Somervell County? Who knows. Like we said, rural Texas.

Tony Yocham posted bond and was released. According to KWTX.com, “Hamilton Mayor Jim McInnis confirmed Monday Yocham has been fired.”

Additional articles: KXXV.com, and another KWTX.com article but this one has a video of Mayor McInnis speaking.


(1-800) 4-A-CHILD, (1-800) 422-4453

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