Police Beat Black Man Then Threaten Family

Schertz PD Assaults Black Youth
Schertz PD Assaults Black Youth

Police Brutality Caught On Camera

(TX) – Officers with the Schertz Police Department were caught on camera, beating a young Black man. At first their actions seem justified. According to the police department, the young man ran a red light. Officers chased him. He pulled into his driveway and ran to the door, banging on it, calling for his father. The officers run up to him and take him to the ground. Up to this point, I’m not going to fault them. It’s what comes next that I feel was excessive force. The young man continues to call out for his father and is struggling under two of officers as a third officer, another female, watches. The male officer tases him. He cries out, “ah, okay, okay,” and the officer tases him again.

Then the female officers begins slamming her knee into him. I can’t tell what part of his body she is hitting but she is positioned up near his shoulder and head area. The female who was watching moves in to help and the male moves back. The family comes to the door and begins arguing with the officers. The male officer says, “Yes, I did tase him. I did.” The family argues a bit more and the male officer says, “You’re going to relax or you’re going to get it next. I promise you, you will.”

Threat Against Family was an Abuse of Power

I’m not sure why the female police officer decided to use knee strikes against the head/shoulder area of the young man. She wasn’t telling him to do anything, she was just beating him. She stops when the family comes to the door. I wonder how long she would have continued if no one had been home. Until she got tired? But that wasn’t the only place I feel they performed their jobs poorly.

When the family opened the door, they may have argued but you never see them even attempt to step out and intervene. Why then would the male officer threaten them saying they are going to get it next? Is there a law that says individuals are required to speak to officers in a soft and pleasing voice and if not, the officers are allowed to resort to violence? Did I miss that part somewhere in the penal code?

Schertz Police Department to Investigate

The Schertz Police Department put out a statement (below) but this is Texas. Don’t expect any accountability.

Schertz, TX (11/02/2020) – On November 2, 2020, at approximately 2340 hours, officers observed a vehicle run a traffic light on Schertz Parkway and attempted to stop the vehicle. The officers activated their emergency lights and siren, which resulted in the driver, identified as Zekee Rayford, fleeing from the officers. Rayford, not stopping, fled into the Wilsons Preserve neighborhood and then into a driveway in the 1000 block of Keanna Place. After pulling into the driveway of a residence, he exited the vehicle and attempted to flee from officers on foot, trying to get into the residence. Officers attempted to apprehend Rayford, and a struggle ensued, which resulted in him being tased by one of the officers. 

Zekee Rayford has been charged with Felony Evading in a Motor Vehicle, Resisting Arrest and Detention, and Possession of Marijuana. 

Following this arrest’s events, an internal investigation has been initiated to ensure all Schertz Police Department Policies and Procedures were followed.

Video obtained from the KSAT 12 article.

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