One Deputy Arrested, One Deputy Missing

photo of Deputy Anderena Garcia
BCSO Deputy Anderena Garcia

Bexar County Deputy Arrested

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is in the news again, this time for two different incidents. In the first incident, Deputy Anderena Garcia was arrested Sunday night for reckless driving. The arrest was made by the San Antonio Police Department. As seems to be happening a lot lately, the Sheriff’s Office has released very little information on what actually happened. In this case, no details were given other than the reckless driving charge and it being a Class B Misdemeanor with a $500 bond.

The rest of the comments are just Sheriff Salazar doing his usual song and dance trying to prove how tough he is. It’s the same thing we’ve heard many times before and rings just as false now as it always has. Salazar says Garcia was served her dismissal paperwork. According to the News 4 article, Deputy Garcia was hired in October of 2018.  That means she is past her one year probationary period which in turn means she has a right to the full Civil Service process. His comment about issuing her dismissal paperwork is all for show. It doesn’t mean a thing. If she is found not guilty then he can’t fire her.

Bexar County Deputy Missing

In the second incident, the San Antonio Police Department is investigating an assault that occurred Sunday night. Bexar County Deputy, Corporal Vincent Vera, was somehow involved in the assault but as we pointed out above, the Sheriff’s Office is not releasing any details, as you can see for yourself if you click on the link. The article does state that Cpl. Vera was off-duty when he was involved in the assault.

News 4 attempted to get information but all they were told was that Deputy Vera had not shown up for work and is AWOL (absent without leave). According to their article, the Sheriff’s Office intends to issue administrative sanctions for being involved in the disturbance and for being AWOL.

We can only assume from their casual response that they don’t suspect any kind of harm has come to the deputy but we don’t know for sure. It seems Sheriff Salazar is really hiding a lot of information from the public lately. The smell of campaigning season is in the air.

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