Officers Use Excessive Force on Teen, Now Under Investigation

Teen assault by New Jersey police
Osamah Alsaidi

Paterson Police Department Investigating Police Misconduct

(NJ) – A December 14 incident is under investigation after the police report generated by the officers did not match up with the video that surfaced. Officers with the Paterson Police Department were investigating a report of a suspicious person when they came across Osamah Alsaidi.

Osamah Alsaidi claims he was walking to his car so he could go to work, when officers cut him off with their police vehicles. Alsaidi says they “started punching me for no reason.” The security video that caught the altercation shows one officer punching Alsaidi approximately 15 times. Alsaidi says they repeatedly slammed his head into the ground and he felt he had blacked out for a moment. You can’t see that from the video due to the angle and the officers blocking the view. Alsaidi also says he was taken to the hospital, but when he told the medical staff what happened the transporting officer forced them to release him without treating him then once outside, the transport officer punched Alsaidi.

Internal Affairs Investigating Discrepancies

The police wrote their report on the incident and turned it in. Alsaidi has since gotten video from a security camera in the area. The two versions don’t match up. According to,

“One of the officers wrote in his police report that they were investigating reports of a suspicious person in the area when Alsaidi approached them and became aggressive.

The officer wrote Alsaidi walked toward them, “screaming profanities and acting belligerent causing a disturbance.” The officers ignored Alsaidi at first but he became more aggressive before assaulting one of the officers, the police report states.

Alsaidi “struck this (officer) with a closed fist about the chest area,” the police report states, adding that Alsaidi also grabbed the officer’s vest and tried to remove his police radio from its pouch.”

Supposedly someone with the police department says there are more videos and that they support what the officers say, but I find that kind of hard to believe after watching the security video. You can easily see that Alsaidi is walking along when the cars suddenly pull up. He stops and waits as offices approach him. He’s not being aggressive. He doesn’t approach them, nor is he screaming at them. Fortunately, the New Jersey Attorney General is also investigating the assault on the teen. It doesn’t inspire confidence in the result when an agency investigates itself.

Battered Teen Charged with Aggravated Assault

According to, “Alsaidi said he later returned to the hospital on his own and was diagnosed with head trauma and a concussion. Alsaidi said he had migraines and was partially blind for two weeks because of the beating.”

Alsaidi was taken to jail and charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest.

The New Jersey Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has stepped in after seeing the video. They are angry at the way the Paterson police officers treated the teenager and have demanded that the Paterson Police Department fire the officers. The officers involved in the assault on Osamah Alsaidi are still on duty.

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