Officer Secretly Video Records Naked Teenage Girl

photo of Officer Ricardo Aleman
Officer Ricardo Aleman


Federal charges have been filed against Ricardo Aleman. He was arrested on November 23, for Possessing Child Pornography and Producing Child Pornography.

Original Story Below:

Schertz Texas Police Officer Arrested

An officer working for the Schertz Police Department was arrested on January 17. The officer, Corporal Ricardo Aleman, had been secretly recording the teen for over a year. The agency managed to keep the arrest quiet for a while but KSAT has been really good about digging up dirt that agencies want to keep hidden. Still, there is a lot of information that appears to be missing.

What are the Connections?

We can’t really tell what’s happening from the KSAT story. It says that Officer Aleman was able to link the recording equipment to the wires in the attic of the house the girl lived in. Does this mean he knows the family? If so, maybe he offered to fix something for them and while doing it, installed the equipment? Or was it something else? Did he watch the house to see when no one was home and then break in to install the equipment? We don’t know.

KSAT was able to view the warrant and according to their story, “A relative of the victim found pictures and videos from the cameras stored on an external hard drive in Aleman’s Schertz Police patrol vehicle.” That raises more questions. Does the girl’s relative work for the Schertz Police Department? Is that why the relative had access to the police vehicle? And if the relative doesn’t work for Schertz PD then why did that person have unsupervised access to a police vehicle?

What We Do Know

According to the Texas Rangers, this poor young lady was recorded using the bathroom, showering and walking around naked in her bedroom for over a year. The Texas Rangers investigated the case and requested the warrant with the charge being Invasive Video Recording. Unfortunately, this is only a State Jail Felony meaning the sentence is anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years and a fine of no more than $10,000. But at least this crime is listed as a sex offense so it should require sex offender registration if Aleman is convicted. What is curious is, if he has been recording her for over a year, why does the story say he has been charged with “a” felony charge… One count? When you have pictures each one is counted as an individual count. If there are any attorneys or detectives out there who understand how this works, please share your knowledge.

Resource Officers in Schools

It’s distressing to know that the City of Schertz has Officer Aleman listed as one of their four resource officers. This man is obviously a predator and had positioned himself among his prey. I sure hope someone is looking into whether there are more victims of Cpl. Aleman, out there.

We’ve posted videos and articles on resource officers not being able to control their tempers and abusing children. And we’ve posted at least one article about a resource officer using his position to pick up underage girls. Now we have another article and this one happened right here in our own backyard. When are police departments going to do a better job of vetting the people they hire? But the truth is, they haven’t even acknowledged that the current system doesn’t work. Once they hit that milestone, hopefully we can move on to the next step, finding a solution. In the meantime, those at the mercy of these rogue cops, adults and children, will continue to suffer.

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