Officer Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Child

photo of Deputy Andrew Guerra
Deputy Andrew Guerra

Bexar County Deputy Arrested

Bexar County deputy, Andrew Sanchez Guerra, was arrested Thursday afternoon on a charge of Sexual Assault of a Child. Guerra, who is a 40 year old law enforcement officer, has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 17 years. The assaults happened over several years. It sounds like, from the article, as if the child abuse began when she was about 13, which is when he began touching her, and that sexual assault soon followed. It wasn’t until January of 2019, after another incident of being sexually assaulted, that the teenager told her mother what was happening. No information was given on the relationship between Guerra and the girl’s family. However, it seems he was trusted enough that the young lady was allowed to stay the night at his apartment.

Mother Files a Report

Once the young woman’s mother was informed the mother immediately filed a police report. The report was filed on January 20, 2019. Guerra was placed on administrative leave on January 22. All we can assume is that some kind of preliminary investigation was done that gave them sufficient evidence to place him on administrative leave. We commend them on their speed but it’s suspicious when you look at the rest of the events.

This woman expected action to be taken, legal action, not what amounts to disciplinary action. But on April 29, Guerra was brought back and placed on administrative duty. According to the article, it was due to the collective bargaining agreement but what that agreement sets out is a due process. It sounds like the sheriff violated that process. Today, more than a year after the crime was reported, Officer Andrew Guerra was arrested, booked into the Bexar County Jail, and has again been placed on administrative leave while waiting to be terminated. He was given a $75,000 bond, which he posted, and was immediately released.

What the Hell is Going on at the Sheriff’s Office?

I’ve got questions about this mess. Why did the sheriff place Guerra on administrative leave, the first time, only to bring him back? What was the purpose? Or was it a matter of Salazar thinking he was king and could do whatever he wanted then having to face the realities of what due process means?

And when Guerra was brought back and placed on administrative duty, where was he situated? This is a man that is being investigated for a serious crime. Did he still have access to all kinds of confidential information? How was an appropriate place determined regarding where to put him? He is a sexual predator. While his preference are younger women, the age range of the victim makes it likely that he could also be attracted to young looking adult women. Was the safety of the women at the Sheriff’s Office taken into consideration? I ask this because we have heard some disturbing things that makes us think the woman, particularly the civilian women, don’t matter to them at all.

The Sheriff’s Office knew of the accusation on January 20, 2019. It is now February 20, 2020. Over a year? It took over a year to investigate this? They had the name of the victim. One would think she was sent to the hospital and a rape kit was done. They had the names of the two other people who were at Guerra’s apartment with the victim. They were informed immediately so you would think they would be able to get a warrant to search his home to collect sheets and other items that could have DNA evidence. I don’t know if that was done but they definitely knew in time to do it. So why so long?

And another point of confusion. According to the article, “BCSO’s Internal Affairs will conduct a separate but concurrent administrative investigation, pending further criminal investigation of the case by police.” They’re still investigating? More than a year later and they’re still investigating? At what point are they going to turn this fully over to the D.A.? Why does it feel like when the officer is from the Law Enforcement side of the Sheriff’s Office that things get dragged out so much, frequently to the officer’s benefit? And now they have to bring in I.A.? Why don’t they just use the information from the criminal investigation rather than duplicating work?

Sheriff’s Office Under Salazar

In the years this website has been tracking the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, we have never seen this level of incompetence. I know we’ve said that before but it never ceases to amaze us. The utter chaos under Salazar is unprecedented.

3 thoughts on “Officer Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Child

  1. Emily

    You know how much this disgusts me ,the fact that this man worked at my school as the school cop and I actually thought he was trustworthy person but I guess not.

  2. Rene

    I am not taking anyone’s side but what ever happened to innocent till proven guilty
    I bet if you look into the whole story you might see something different

    • admin

      Rene – We understand what you’re saying but the truth is, innocent until proven guilty only seems to apply to rich people. If it applied to everyone there would only be convicted individuals in the jail. That aside, our main concern is safety for everyone who comes in contact with this man, in case he is guilty, and concerns on how the Sheriff’s Office has been handling this case.

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