NYPD Officer Helped Criminal Organization with Drug Trafficking, Arrested

NYPD patch
New York Police Department

Officer Part of Cocaine Trafficking Ring

(NY) – A New York Police Department police officer has been arrested by federal authorities. Officer Amaury Abreu, a nine year veteran with the police force, has been accused of assisting a crimal organization in their transportation and distribution of cocaine. Agents have withheld the name of the criminal organization.

Officer Abreu acted as the organization’s inside man. He would alert the organization whenever law enforcement was conducting operations that could catch any of its members. He would also use police equipment to monitor warrant status of individuals in the criminal organization, and he would “personally distributing cocaine for the organization, prosecutors said.”

Abreu Posts Million Dollar Bail Bond

According to ABC7NY.com,

“Four others were also arrested in connection to the alleged drug ring.

Julio Bautista, 35, Gustavo Valerio, 38, and Abreu are all accused of conspiring to import and distribute cocaine between at least January 2016 and October 2020. Officials say all three were members of a multinational drug trafficking organization with distributors in the NYC area and the Dominican Republic.”

The 34-year old officer was assigned to the 113th Precinct. He was given a one million dollar bail bond, which he posted. This officer was working with a dangerous criminal organization, helping them with their drug trafficking. “Prosecutors say he was in regular contact with high-ranking members of the unidentified drug organization, even traveling to the Dominican Republic to meet with them.” There will be a lot of people in that criminal organization who are going to be concerned about what Abreu will say. It makes you wonder if he’ll make it to trial.

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