New Sheriff Shows Attitudes are Changing

Hamilton County, Ohio, elects first lesbian sheriff, Charmaine McGuffey
Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey

Openly Gay Female Sheriff Elected

(OH) – Law enforcement is very traditional and is behind the general public in accepting change. They may hire minorities, because they have to, but there is still a lot of prejudice that minority people have to deal with. According to Charmaine McGuffey, she was fired bebause she had finally given up trying to hide her sexual orientation and had openly come out as being a lesbian.

Her then boss, Jim Neil, has a different version of what happened. According to,

“Neil offered McGuffey his congratulations and confirmed her firing to PEOPLE, and said the investigation involved interviews with 31 people, and as a result, she was reassigned to a different position. When she failed to report to her new assignment, she was fired, he said.”

Just from this account I have to lean towards what then, Deputy McGuffey, claims. They interviewed 31 people? 31!?! Damn, that practically sounds like a murder case. Yet all she got was reasigned? Not even any kind of disciplinary action, just reasigned? This very much sounds like someone going way overboard because they knew they are going to get sued for what they were doing. It’s overkill on a huge level and reeks of a desperate attempt to cover up the real motivation.

McGuffey Fights Back

Charmaine McGuffey filed a lawsuit but she didn’t stop there. She chose to run against Jim Neil, her ex-boss, in their party’s primary, and she won. But that was just half way there. It wasn’t until November that she got her next victory. It turns out that the majority of people don’t care what your sexual orientation is. McGuffey is not the first gay sheriff, but every time someone from a minority category advances, we become a better nation. In Januray of 2021, Charmaine McGuffey will become the next sheriff of Hamilton County, Ohio.

Congratulations Sheriff McGuffey. We wish you well.

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