Man Jailed After NYPD Officer Lies to Grand Jury

photo of Barbosa fleeing from cops
Pedro Barbosa flees from cops-Now This

NYPD Cop’s Vendetta

A New York Police officer lied to a Grand Jury about an incident involving Pedro Barbosa in an attempt to have Barbose incarcerated. Officer Michael Bergman, along with an unknown partner, attempted to stop Pedro Barbosa for unknown reasons. Mr. Barbosa had pulled up in front of a friend’s house and parked his vehicle. After a couple of moments you can see the SUV that Bergman is in pull up and partially block Mr. Barbosa.

Dramatic Confrontation

Officer Bergman described to the Grand Jury, the events preceding Barbosa’s arrest. In Bergman’s story, Barbosa ‘locked eyes’ with him, reversed about 7 feet, as if to gain room to pick up speed. Barbosa’s reversal was so aggressive that it left skid marks, then Barbosa stomped on the gas, driving directly at Bergman. Bergman says he was positioned between the headlights and had to jump out of the way to save his life.

Security Camera Caught All the Action

This is a horrible situation for Officer Bergman to have been in.  Well, it would have been if any of it had been true, but it wasn’t.  Every single thing he said was a lie. Pedro Barbosa was arrested on multiple felonies. Mr. Barbosa said that these two officers had been harassing him and had told him, “We’re going to get you off the streets.” His defense attorney was able to find a building that had a security camera aimed right at the area where the incident occurred and was able to get the video from the day of the incident. See the Now This video below.

The charges against Mr. Barbosa were dropped and Officer Bergman pled guilty to perjury and was fired from the New York Police Department. In addition, he is facing up to one year in jail for perjury.

What About the Partner?

You may wonder why we didn’t print the name of the other police officer. Surely that officer had to know that the story Bergman gave was a lie. What happened to him? Apparently New York has a law that protects bad cops. Not only are they not releasing the name of the other officer but they can’t even release information on any disciplinary action that might have been issued against that cop, if any was.

This is a bad law. There is no way that people who have so much ability to hurt others, should be able to hide their bad actions from public scrutiny. The people of New York are fighting 50-a. We hope they win.

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