Man Beaten Bloody, Sheriff Lies in Interview

photo of a bloody Jacob Servin
Jacob Servin beaten by officers

Man Beaten Bloody

On December 1, Jacob Servin was arrested by Stockton police for being intoxicated. Mr. Servin was taken to the San Joaquin County Jail to be booked. As you can see from the booking photo below, Mr. Servin entered the jail without physical injuries. The assault on Mr. Servin has upset the whole community and in response, Sheriff Pat Withrow gave an interview to ABC 10 in which he lies his ass off. I am giving him credit for lying rather than saying he is so incompetent that he didn’t even bother to review the video before giving the interview.

The initial question that starts off Sheriff Withrow’s fantasy version of events was, “What happens with Mr. Servin once he got to the jail?”

Sheriff’s Version of Events

“…From what I understand, once they got into the cell and uh, he became combative at that time, once they took one of the handcuffs off. And there were two male officers and a female officer in the cell at that time and he grabbed hold of the female officer and refused to let go of her during the fight and tried to drag her to the ground. 

He kicked several other officers in the chest and other parts of their body. The fight went on for an extended amount of time, which is unusual. And our sergeant, the supervisor, arrived on scene and began taking control of the situation and directing officers on what they should do. And after numerous minutes of a fight in a jail, where the officers were covered in blood and everyone was exhausted, they were finally, after numerous attempts, were able to extradite themselves from the cell and get the door closed.”

If you would like to watch the Sheriff’s interview you can see it here. This answer is right toward the beginning. Our quote starts at the 58 second mark.

Breaking Down the Lies

booking photo of Jacob Servin
Jacob Servin booking photo

Let’s start with how many officers there were. The sheriff says there were two males and one female. Actually, there were four males and one female. You can see that at the 3m 58s mark in the video below. The Sheriff says that Mr. Servin grabbed the female deputy and would not let her go. This a really good one. To begin with, five deputies escorted him to the cell but only three went in and they were all males. One male deputy stands outside the door and watches and the female stands in the doorway, in sight of the camera, while watching.

At the 4m 27s mark the female moves a little further into the room but you can still see her butt so she is just barely inside. The male officer moves closer into to get a better look then steps back but stays outside of the room. At 4m 48s the female officer goes completely into the room but the male stays outside watching. During the event, multiple officers come by, obviously being drawn by the sounds of someone being beaten. None of them are rushing to help their fellow officers. Officers are still standing around watching what is going on in the cell. So why would the sheriff lie? Because people are more inclined to accept violence against a “perpetrator” if the victim is a female or child.

The Sheriff says that the sergeant came and took control of the situation but you can see, at the 5m 50s mark, that the sergeant casually walks up with his hands in his pockets. He positions himself in the doorway to watch. At the 8m 50s mark a deputy goes toward the doorway and moves the door slightly as if trying to make sure the door is blocking the camera’s view.

The Sheriff mentions the fight lasting “an extended amount of time” and “numerous minutes of a fight,” yet when Mr. Servin says the beating went on for 20 minutes the Sheriff scoffs at it and blames the misperception of time on Mr. Servin’s inebriated state. Just an FYI, when you are being beaten it can feel like it’s lasting forever even if the actual time was shorter than what it felt like. This is just a further attempt by the Sheriff to discredit what Mr. Servin says happened.

And lastly, the Sheriff says the deputies were bloody and exhausted by the time they were finally able to get themselves out of the room and shut the door. He makes it sound as if they were battling a wild animal that they had to slam the door closed on. But if you’ll notice the officers start coming out of the cell at the 11m 20s mark. Eight officers ended up being involved in the event. Several of them stand around talking, right outside the open cell door. The sergeant closes the door at the 11m 37s mark and the officers start walking away from the cell and toward the camera. None of them appear to be bloody. If there are any spots of blood on their clothes they can’t be seen but they are probably from Mr. Servin. None of the officers look exhausted either.

I would say the community has a right to be angry and they should be taking a hard look at Sheriff Pat Withrow also.

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