Lawsuit Filed Against Sheriff’s Office for Operating a Fight Club

On March 18th the attorney for ex- Bexar County inmate, Rodolfo Carrazco, filed a federal lawsuit against the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.  The lawsuits claims that deputies were operating a fight club using inmates as fighters and were betting on the fights.  The lawsuit also claims that deputies would open doors to cells and allow groups of inmates to go in to beat up other inmates.  During one of those fights Mr. Carrazco received injuries that were so severe that he required hospitalization and surgery.

When questioned by the media, Sheriff Javier Salazar did what he frequently does and tried to blame the situation on the previous administration.  According to the article by the San Antonio Express News, Salazar said, “The last case that I heard that term ‘fight club’ associated with was a case from several years ago, before I took office, and my understanding is that person is no longer employed here.”  The problem with that the lawsuit said the incident happened in April of 2017 which was well into the Salazar administration.

It’s a good bet that the citizens of Bexar County will be footing the bill for more of the issues that are occurring under Sheriff Javier Salazar.

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