Killer of 3, Chases Police, is Gently Arrested

Virginia Man Kills Three
Matthew Bernard

While I’m definitely not saying that Anglo Americans are never treated poorly by the police, there is definitely evidence that they are given a lot more leeway in their actions before police decide to get aggressive.  18 year old Matthew Bernard is another perfect example.  Bernard killed his 62 year old mother, 25 year old sister and her 14 month old child.  The murders occurred in Pittsylvania, Virginia.  Bernard is the brother-in-law of baseball player Blake Bivens.

In the video you see Matthew Bernard running around naked, chasing an armed police officer and detouring to attempt to strangle a church grounds keeper.  An alert had already gone out on social media in the area to stay away from him saying that he was armed and dangerous.  Police knew what he had done before they found him.  Watch the video and while you do, think of a black child playing with a plastic gun, a black man talking on his cell phone in his backyard, a black man selling a loose cigarette.  The list goes on and on.

The gentle handling of Matthew Bernard by the Pittsylvania County deputies, even to the point of letting him attack an innocent bystander is unbelievable and in stark contrast to how African Americans and other minorities are treated.  I have to wonder how quickly the deputy would have used his gun, claiming that he was in fear for his life, if Bernard had been a black man.

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