Javier Salazar is Bexar County’s Donald Trump

Sheriff Javier Salazar
Javier Salazar – photo from Bexar.org

It’s All About Me

Something has been niggling at the back of my mind.  As more and more evidence seemed to build up, I decided I had to write about it.  The more we hear about Sheriff Javier Salazar and the problems he is having, the more he reminds me of Donald Trump.

Being elected to an office makes you a public servant but both men seem to think their elections made those positions all about them.  Trump’s line was, “When I took over the United States.”  Salazar’s line in the BCSO’s latest recruiting video is, “Join me.”  How about, join us?  The agency is not about you, Salazar.  in the same self-absorbed category, both Salazar and Trump are constantly bragging about what they have done.  Just watch any video for evidence of that.

Questionable Ethics

Then there’s the mixing of work and campaigns.  Politicians keep their campaign staff and their office staff separate to avoid ethic violations.  If you are invested in a campaign, it’s extremely easy to slip up and perform campaign functions while being paid by taxpayers, a violation.  Trump hired his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, to be his Counselor, a position that has no real job duties.  Javier Salazar hired his campaign manager, Robert Vargas, to be his Change Management Specialist, a position that has no real job duties.  Would anyone be surprised if we were to learn that those two people are performing campaign functions while being paid by the taxpayers?

Handling Problems

There’s also the way in which they approach adversity.  Both Salazar and Trump have claimed the problems they are having are due to the previous administration.  Both Salazar and Trump have had massive turn over of staff in both the high level positions and the regular workers, due to their incompetence.  Both Salazar and Trump have accused people who work for them of conspiring against them to make them look bad.  Both Salazar and Trump try to get in front of television cameras as often as possible to spin the narrative.

Both Salazar and Trump talk about how they had to handle things themselves when the reality is, the people who are the professionals in those areas, are the ones who know what they are doing and should be allowed to do their jobs, (KSAT 8:45 mark).  Both Salazar and Trump take credit for other people’s work.  Trump, damn near everything Obama did.  Salazar, see previous arrests of wanted people when the deputies found the person but Salazar went in to handcuff the wanted person then got in front of the camera to say he arrested him.

Currying Favor

Both Salazar and Trump have refused some or all of their pay to try to curry favor with constituents, knowing that the final payout will be well worth the little they gave up.  Both Trump and Salazar have attempted to play to the Black vote by mentioning race.  With Trump it was, “My African American.”  With Salazar, it was when he was referring to Chief Walker as the, “…highest ranking African American…”  (KSAT 3:19 mark).  Why did race have to be mentioned at all?  Couldn’t he just talk about Walker’s qualifications?

Detrimental Release of Information

Trump has repeatedly released sensitive information such as the location of Navy Seal Team 5 and high resolution satellite maps that allow other countries to know our capabilities.  At the 8:50 mark in the KSAT video, Javier Salazar gives away the fact that warrants officers don’t work on weekends or holidays.  At the 9:17 mark a female reporter is asking about the public not being notified.  Javier Salazar starts answering at the 9:37 mark.  Part of his answer was, “When you put that information out, that’s what makes somebody act out of desperation.  That’s what makes somebody dangerous.”  So what does it make a person do when they know no one is looking for them on weekends and holidays?

How They Treat Women

Everyone knows that Trump has no respect for women.  I don’t need to post the stuff he’s done.  We’ve all heard his misogyny, but how does Javier Salazar treat women?  When Salazar took over the jail he appointed a friend of his, Bobby Hogeland, to be the Chief over Detention even though Hogeland didn’t have any jail experience whatsoever.  Salazar appointed Laura Balditt to be the assistant Detention chief even though she had been with the jail for decades.  When problems started occurring with the jail, he immediately got rid of the female chief who had industry knowledge.

In the KSAT video (yes, this press conference bothered me) Salazar goes to give an example of someone who has no jail experience.  He could have easily used himself or his best buddy, Chief Deputy James Serrato.  Neither one of them have any jail experience.  They both worked at SAPD for something like 25 years.  But the person Salazar chose to highlight as not having knowledge was 31-year DEA veteran, Chief Nancy Sanford, who happens to be the only female command staff member (5:09 mark).  I don’t have all the answers here but I would call that a ‘tell’.

If Javier Salazar thinks the same way Trump does, and I believe I have shown ample evidence that he does, then it’s no wonder the jail is in such a mess.

Note:  The KSAT video I refer to is the second one on the page I link.  Scroll down.

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