Jailers Beat Mentally Ill Inmate

Cuyahoga County deputies
Cuyahoga County deputies beat inmate

Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office is in the news again.  There seems to be a culture of violence among the deputies there that the Sheriff’s Office can’t or is not trying, to break.  To be clear, this is a sheriff’s office in Ohio.  Still, the things that happen there happen in other places.

In their latest assault, two deputies, Corporal Nicholas Evans and Deputy Timothy Dugan, beating Terrance Debose who is strapped into a chair and unable to defend himself.  Debose has mental health issues.  Evans is seen turning off his body camera then striking Debose in the head six times.  Dugan walks up to join in and delivers an additional two times.

Debose suffered a concussion and was left bleeding in the chair for two hours before he was attended to.  As usual, the Cuyahoga County jail fought the release of the video for as long as they could.  Evans was charged with felonious assault and Dugan was charged with misdemeanor assault.  Both were charged with civil rights violations.  And even though there is video, they both have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Both individuals are on unpaid administrative leave.  See video of the assault below.  To read the Cleveland.com article click here.

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