Another Inmate Commits Suicide

Sheriff Javier Salazar
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By this point Sheriff Javier Salazar must hate the KSAT 12 Defenders but the rest of us are grateful for the excellent work they do.  On Tuesday, August 6, another Bexar County inmate hung himself.  25 year old Enrique Perez was in jail on a murder charge.  About the same time, Zachary Zamora made an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.  He was being held for arson.

According to the article by KSAT 12 that’s 2 suicides and 1 attempted suicide in 9 days.  Sheriff Salazar won’t even get in front of the media anymore and his spokesperson referred media to the official statement that had been released.  All the Sheriff’s false excuses and his pretenses of doing something about the massive amount of problems at the Sheriff’s Office are falling down around him like a house of cards.

Salazar has tried to blame his disaster of an administration on everything else under the sun except himself.  But no other sheriff had problems to this extent.  His comments about getting bad or poorly trained people are bullshit.  Why were these same people fine under other administrations?  I’ve seen a similar thing happen at a business and think the same thing is happening here.

At that other business, it ended up that new people were put in charge who had no idea what they were doing.  However, they were arrogant and believed themselves to be experts.  They made all kinds of snap decisions without considering possible ramifications.  When a bad result occurred due to those snap decisions, it was always blamed on the workers.  Then the bosses would add more processes to try to stop those bad results.  This kept happening over and over until they had overloaded the workers with so many extra things that need to be done that the workers couldn’t do the job they were supposed to do.

Those incompetent bosses also didn’t want anyone around them who would try to point out the issues.  The bosses took it as a personal insult if someone said something the bosses had suggested wouldn’t work or was a bad idea.  Those knowledgeable people were pushed aside, treated terribly and some were even fired.  The bosses surrounded themselves with yes-men instead so they could continue to have their egos stroked.  And the business failed.  Could this same type of thing be happening at the Sheriff’s Office?

Anyone can see that Salazar is in over his head.  In fact, if someone from the private jail industry recruited a person to run for sheriff and told that person he would be reimbursed handsomely if he ran the jail into the ground so the private industry could step in, that person could hardly do a better job of destroying the jail than what Salazar is doing all on his own.


What we do believe is that Sheriff Salazar is unable to perform the functions of his job no matter how many A’s he gives himself.

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