Incompetence Costs K-9 Chucky His Life

photo BCSO Police K-9
Chucky BCSO K-9

Chucky, Killed in the Line of Duty. What Happened?

On January 25 of this year, BCSO K-9, Chucky, was released to take down an armed individual.  From the beginning, this was a very foolish and deadly decision.  The call was not made by Chucky’s handler.  Instead, it was made by the the shift captain who was not at the scene.  Chucky was sent, without his bullet proof vest on, after a man who was waving a gun around and who had already pointed that gun at officers on the ground and at a police helicopter that was monitoring the scene.

Why Didn’t Chucky have His Vest On?

Chucky did have a bullet proof vest but it was not placed on him.  According to Sheriff Salazar, the dogs do not wear the vests all the time.  It is too hot for them and can cause issues.  The vests are placed on the dogs prior to being used in a dangerous situation.  So far, everything makes sense but then Salazar goes on to say that there wasn’t enough time to put the vest on Chucky.  This is not true.  Matthew Reyes Mireles had already wrecked his vehicle and exited it.  He was walking along the highway.  Walking.  He wasn’t running.  Officers were following him at a walking pace.  There was plenty of time to put the vest on Chucky.

Bad Call Costs Chucky His Life

But should Chucky have been sent at all?  Mireles already had his gun out and was waving it around, pointing it at officers.  The officers maintained a good distance from him because of this.  That means Chucky had to cross quite a bit of open ground to get to Mireles and all while not wearing a vest.  The call to send him shouldn’t have been made even if he had his vest on.

Think of it this way.  Would it have been wise to send one of the officers running at Mireles?  No one in their right mind would have done that and especially not without a vest.  It would have been a suicide call for an officer to make and carry out that kind of a  decision and it would have practically been murder for a commander to order it.  Yet Chucky, who they all say is another officer, was sent out in a situation that no officer would have been sent to.

Sheriff Javier Salazar then turned Chucky’s death into a huge media show.  He made it all about honoring Chucky, saying that Chucky had given his life in the line of duty, when the reality is that Chucky’s life was carelessly thrown away.  Salazar’s show distracted away from the incompetent way the situation was handled and, as usual under Sheriff Salazar, no one faced any consequences for the deadly call that was made.

Necropsy Report Released

But naturally, that doesn’t appear to be the end of the story.  KSAT 12 wrote an article on the necropsy report on BCSO K-9, Chucky.  It was released yesterday and it raises some questions.  According to the report, it appears that the bullet that killed Chucky came from behind him.  The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has denied that Chucky was killed by friendly fire.  They say, “Chucky lunged for and missed Mireles’ shooting hand, as Chucky turned around to re-engage he was shot by Mireles.”

That’s possible.  It could sort of explain the examiner’s statement that Chucky was shot at, “fairly close range from above and slightly behind with the dog facing away and right from the gun.”  But “fairly close range” is open to interpretation.  How close?  And if everything happened the way the Sheriff’s Office is claiming, why won’t they release the video?

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