In the Line of Duty – Houston Police Officer Killed

Sgt. Sean Rios, with the Houston Police Department, shot and killed on his way to work
Sgt. Sean Rios

Sgt. Sean Rios Killed on His Way to Work

(TX) – There is currently a manhunt going on for the people involved in the shooting of Sgt. Sean Rios, who was employed with the Houston Police Department. Not much is known at this point. Sgt. Rios was on his way to work Monday afternoon, when something happened that caused him to engage in an exchange of shots with people in a Mercedes-Benz. It’s also unknown whether the people who shot Sgt. Rios realized he was a police officer since Rios was currently in a position that allowed him to work as a plainclothes officer.

After the shots were fired, Sgt. Rios was able to run to a nearby hotel even though he had been hit multiple times. He asked the staff to call for help,  but died before they got there.

“We Are Going to Catch You”

Police have found the Mercedes-Benz, along with a pickup truck, that were involved in the shooting. They have a minimal description of at least one person involved in the shooting. No information has been given on how they got the description, but it’s probable that they have more information than what they are releasing. Police Chief Art Acevedo has announced, through the media, “We are going to catch you. Do yourself a favor and turn yourself in.” 

Sgt. Sean Rios

Sergeant Sean Rios was a 25-year veteran with the Houston Police Department. According to, “Rios leaves behind four children – ages 17, 14, 12 and 9 years old – as well as his parents, a brother, and two cousins, who are HPD detectives.” 

Our condolences go out to the family of Sgt. Sean Rios along with his brothers and sisters in blue.

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