Handcuffed Inmate Beaten by Officers

A video has come to light showing a Louisville (Kentucky) Metro Department of Corrections officer beating a handcuffed inmate.  The video shows the incident happened on April 15th of this year.  Inmate Terry Whitehead had asked if he could hang some toilet paper over the window for privacy while he used the toilet.  He says another guard told him he could.  The video starts with the guards having already entered the cell and placed Whitehouse in handcuffs.  According to the Wave 3 news article, Whitehouse was beaten and pepper sprayed prior to the video being taken.

Corrections Officer David Schwartz, an ex-marine, can be seen on the video showing a complete lack of control even to the extent that he starts slamming the door.  Both Schwartz and Officer Devin Edwards were fired over the incident, which is currently under investigation.  We recommend you read the Wave 3 article for more information that really brings into question the decision to hire Schwartz and for a lot more detail into what happened to Whitehouse.  The one bright spot is this story is that it was another officer who brought the incident and video to the attention of the Director of the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections.

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