Grand Jury Brings 122 Counts of Sex Abuse Against Police Officer

122 counts of sexual abuse have been filed against James Carey. The abuse occurred while Carey was a member of the Warminster Township Police Department.
James Carey

Police Officer Used His Position to Sexually Abuse Vulnerable Minors

(PA) – James Christopher Carey worked as a police officer with the Warminster Township Police Department. While there, Carey used his position to get in close proximity to vulnerable boys. Carey worked as a D.A.R.E officer at a middle school. He also helped another man run the Warminster Fire Department’s Fire Explorer program.

On April 7, Carey was arrested on 122 counts related to the sexual abuse of four boys.  Two of the boys were 13-years old when the abuse began. The charges against Carey include “involuntary deviate intercourse, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and unlawful contact with a minor.” Carey is accused of grooming vulnerable young boys then sexually molesting the boys.

The boys, now men, have come forward with their stories. All tell similar stories of Carey gaining their trust then taking advantage of them.

Child Predators Join Up to Prey On Minors

The investigation into Carey turned up a connection to another man. According to,

“Another alleged molester, Charles Goodenough, was connected to Carey through Camp Ockanickon and the Warminster Fire Department’s Explorer Program. Separate victims told investigators Goodenough showed them pornography at the camp, urged them to skinny-dip with him, and, in some cases, groped them at his home in Warminster.”

Goodenough is the other man who ran the Fire Explorer program with Carey. Goodenough’s home was searched at the end of February. However, it appears he chose not to face the consequences of his actions. Charles Goodenough committed suicide, by overdosing, in the first part of March.

James Christopher Carey

Officer Carey was able to get through 20 years in Bucks County as an officer in Warminster Township. During that time there was at least one accusation of inappropriate conduct with a minor. The articles don’t say what happen, just that no charges were filed. Carey did have problems on the job, but they were related to his poor leadership skills and “poor professional judgment.”

“Court documents also allege Carey sexually abused children in his care from 1987 until 2000.”  Even after retiring, Carey took positions that brought him into contact with children. Prosecutors believe there are more victims and are encouraging them to come forward.

Bail Bond Drama

The magistrate who set the bond amount gave a ridiculously low bail bond. The original amount was $100,000. Because it was a bail bond, it meant 53-year old James Carey only had to pay 10% ($10,000) to get out of jail, which he did immediately. $10,000 got this man, charged with 122 criminal counts, out of jail. His history shows that he is a serial predator. Despite that, he was given a low bail bond.

A judge has now changed it to a cash bail and raised the amount to $250,000. The judge referred to the original amount as “woefully inadequate.”

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